Lupita Nyong’o Fights Zombies In The New 'Little Monsters' Trailer & It's Funny AF

Altitude Films

I'm going to be totally honest: I am a complete wimp when it comes to horror films. Like, during the previews at the movie theater, if something even remotely scary comes on the screen, I'm pretty much guaranteed to hide behind my popcorn and then sleep with all the lights on later that night. All that said, it looks like I'm going to have to make an exception to my no-scare rule after seeing the Little Monsters trailer. The Australian zombie movie, billed as a "horror-comedy" and starring global treasure Lupita Nyong’o, definitely looks like it has some creepy, gory stuff in it, but the trailer also teases some super funny parts.

The trailer opens with shots of military forces prepping to go head-to-head with a population of flesh-eating zombies. But even though the living dead look like the stuff of nightmares, it's clear very early on there will be some comedic relief while viewers watch them wreak havoc upon the living.

Once the scene is set, the trailer cuts to a happy group of young children on a field trip at a place called Pleasant Valley, led by their lovely schoolteacher Miss Caroline (Nyong’o), chaperone Dave (Alexander England), and obnoxious children’s TV personality Teddy McGiggle (Josh Gad). But it isn't long until the zombies descend upon the area, and Caroline is tasked with not only keeping herself alive, but protecting the students she is in charge of as well.

While Caroline tries to get the kids out of harm's way, she is also trying to keep them calm, so she puts on a fake, panicked smile and lies to the students about what is actually going on, telling them they're playing a game and the zombies aren't real. The trailer even teases what appears to be an astounding musical performance, with Caroline playing a ukulele and singing "If You're Happy and You Know It" while chaos ensues all around her and the kids.

Unfortunately, the zombies are very real, and later in the trailer, Caroline is shown fighting with them in a totally gruesome way, while a panicked Teddy McGiggle also turns out to look like he's no friend to children either. Luckily, the gore is offset by comedy when, after returning to the kids covered in blood, she tells them she "got caught in the middle of a jam fight." See, it's all about balance, people.

Watch the Little Monsters trailer for yourself below:

The movie premiered at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival, and is set to hit theaters in the U.K. and Ireland on Nov. 15, according to Rolling Stone. Deadline reports Hulu and Neon, a production and distribution company, teamed up to win a bidding war for the rights to release the movie in the U.S., but as of the trailer's premiere on July 31, no domestic release date has been announced.

TBH, it feels really weird to look forward to a movie that I know contains blood, guts, and probably way too many jump-scares than I can handle. But alas, here I am.