The Levi's x Louis Pisano Unlabeled Collection Is A Genderless Extravaganza

Courtesy of Levi's

When you think of jeans, usually a shade of blue comes to mind — maybe white or black, if you're feeling frisky. But, you don't have to be pigeonholed into such a monochromatic life if you don't want it. Louis Pisano's Levi's capsule collection is a colorful, genderless take on denim that will have you dripping, literally. Released mostly on Feb. 14, the new collaboration for Levi's Unlabeled line is a painterly dream with a purpose.

“I like bright, colorful things; I love things that are a little bit rough around the edges. I really like things that sparkle; I like things that when you walk into a room, people break their neck looking back at you," Pisano told Dazed Magazine about the collab. The fashion writer and self-described "social media aficionado" recreated the vibrancy of paint spills with his line. His Sherpa Trucker ($170, Levi's) and Crop Jeans ($134, Levi's) haven't dropped yet, but they have almost a cartoon-y depiction of being doused in paint. Pisano took his artistry far enough for the paint to even look like it's still wet.

With his shirts, Pisano went down a more graphic path, although the paint theme remains. I especially like the Not Sorry For Drippin' t-shirt ($43, Levi's) with its bright pinks. The extra detail of bedazzling the words makes this shirt look like a neon sign in the best way. For a subtler look, the white Pisano t-shirt ($43, Levi's) has a gray-blue, dripping heart with "Levi's" written in it. The last part of the collection is the sustainable, cotton Unlabeled x Pisano hoodie ($98, Levi's).

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What makes this collection so exciting is that it was made for all genders and none at the same time. Levi's Unlabeled started as an internal resource group with the goal to uplift LGBTQIAA+ creators both in the company and everywhere in the world. Now, Unlabeled has taken further steps, making totally genderless clothes. However, depending on an item's tailoring, you'll want to check out the measurement charts before adding anything to your cart. "Unlabeled aims to inspire colleagues and consumers to resist conformity and share their most authentic selves with the world,” Mathilde Vaucheret from Levi's told Dazed. “Pisano is the ideal embodiment of these objectives, being unafraid to speak his mind, and being a vocal champion of diversity.”