The ‘Last Christmas' Trailer Will Make You Want To Share It With Someone Special

by Ani Bundel

Game of Thrones may be over, but magic will always remain in the world. At least, that's the hope of Last Christmas, Emilia Clarke's first headlining project since the show concluded. The movie is directed by Paul Feig (A Simple Favor) and written by Emma Thomson. As a Christmas-themed comedy, it's hoping the romcom bubble is still going strong, and people are ready for a little bit of happiness come this holiday season. The Last Christmas trailer gets Clarke far away from Westeros and dragons and turns her into someone who's such a mess, she can't even keep a fish alive.

If the title of the film feels familiar, that's because it's taken from the hit George Michael song of the same name. One of the few Christmas classic songs from the modern era, it's been covered by everyone from Ariana Grande to Taylor Swift. Not to worry though, as the trailer shows, this movie will be using the original, along with other well-known hits from the George Michael catalog.

Emilia Clarke flexing her comedy chops with Henry Golding as the man who sweeps her off her feet, all set to the strains of Michael's hits from the 80s and 90s? It's like this movie was made for me to love it.

Check out the trailer though, because there *might* be a bit of a twist.

Consider the set up: Kate (Emilia Clarke) is a 20-something girl whose entire life has been upended by serious illness. It's thrown a wrench in her relationships, her family, and her ability to see good in the world. By the time the movie introduces her, she's lost her living situation, she's not taking care of her health, and she's got nothing to keep her going.

While stuck in a job as the world's most cynical elf in a Christmas shop, she meets Tom (Henry Golding)... and then she meets him again... and then she meets him again. Each time, Tom's appearances push her to open her heart up a little more. She gets emotionally healthier, she begins to embrace her family, and find happiness again.

Fans, naturally, have decided that the film's twist is obviously that Tom is not real, but either a ghost or a literal Angel from Heaven, come to save Kate's life.

It is just a trailer, so it could be that it's the editing. But it is hard not to notice that Golding doesn't interact (or is even confirmed to be seen) by anyone else in the trailer.

Fans who are hoping for a romcom played straight for love and laughter might be a little disappointed if that's the case. Making Tom an angel instead of a love interest to live happily ever after with can feel like a cheat. But then again, what's a holiday special without at least some magic? If this year, to save her some tears, Kate gives her heart to someone special, why not make it the angel that can save her life?

Last Christmas arrives in theaters on Nov. 8, 2019.