The Choir That Sang At Meghan & Harry's Wedding Wrote Archie A Sweet Lullaby

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As far as royal weddings go, Meghan and Harry's was one for the books. It was chock-full of highlights, from Meghan debuting her gorgeous dress and being walked down the aisle by Prince Charles to a beaming Prince Harry, to the beautiful sermon about the power of love delivered by Bishop Michael Curry. But one moment that surely ends up at the top of so many royal fans' highlight list is the moment the Kingdom Choir sang a moving rendition of "Stand By Me" to Meghan and Harry. The choir's gorgeous arrangement and angelic harmonies had the millions of viewer watching the wedding filled with emotion. Now, the Kingdom Choir's lullaby for baby Archie's christening will fill you with even more emotion.

See, singing at Meghan and Harry's wedding was a great honor for the Kingdom Choir and they are beyond grateful for the opportunity to have been able to participate in such a historic moment. “We were expecting to have a nice day out, have a bit of a platform, then everything kind of went mad after that,” Karen Gibson, the Kingdom Choir's conductor, revealed in an interview with Town & Country. “We weren’t prepared for the response to the song, we weren’t prepared for our website crashing twice on the night of the wedding, we weren’t prepared for our following to go up from 700 on the Friday to 35,000 by the Sunday. We weren’t expecting any of it.” Now, the Kingdom Choir has a record deal with Sony Music U.K. and is touring all around the world. No biggie.

While the choir's talent speaks for itself, their performance at Meghan and Harry's wedding surely put them on the map. You can relive that moment below.

It's understandable why the Kingdom Choir has a particularly invested interest in how the royal couple and their new baby, Archie, are doing. Which is why, to celebrate Baby Archie's christening on July 7, the choir released a special lullaby dedicated to the newest member of the royal family.

The song, called "Lullaby," is a 2-minute-and-19-second tribute to Meghan, Harry, and their new baby. The track starts out with a female soloist crooning the opening lyrics, "Little baby, do not cry, mother sings the lullaby," to Archie before the choir joins in with their beautiful harmonies.

The lyrics are truly beautiful. Although the Kingdom Choir isn't super close to Meghan and Harry, you can tell how much love they have for the royal couple and how happy they are about the arrival of their new baby. Check out the lyrics below:

Little baby, do not cry

Mother sings the lullaby

A melody will dry your eyes

A symphony in a song

Morning, you young royalty

From a prince, a baby

A mother's smile we soon will see

Singing her love in a song

May your dreams be high as the open sky

May your hopes be filled as the oceans wide

As I sing to you in a lullaby

(Lullaby) Little baby, do not cry

(Lullaby) Mother sings a lullaby


And you can listen to the track here:

I know what song I'm going to be playing to soothe me to sleep every night starting now.