Killing Eve

Watch Eve & Villanelle Finally Reunite In The ‘Killing Eve’ Season 3 Finale Promo

by Ani Bundel
BBC America

Killing Eve Season 3 has been a journey for Villanelle. Everyone's favorite assassin came off a retirement stint post-Season 2's MI-6 adventure with a new desire. But it wasn't to get back to the murder and mayhem — her new goal became rising high enough in The Twelve to stop getting her hands dirty. So far, her expectations have only been met with disappointment, but her disillusionment can only mean one thing. She and Eve are going to team up again. The Killing Eve Season 3 finale promo underscores how batty this season has been so far, and how bananas the final episode will be. Warning: Spoilers for Killing Eve Season 3 follow.

Season 3 of Killing Eve, under the hands of new showrunner Suzanne Heathcote, has taken some risks. It began with killing Kenny. (You bastards!) It almost killed off Niko as bonus cookies. (Seriously, Season 4, please kill off Niko. It's for the good of society.) It also sent Villanelle on an emotional journey of discovery, spending some time in Russia with her biological family that ended the way all good family reunions do: A large body count.

But after a season where Villanelle has determined she wants out of The Twelve, there's only one person she can turn to for help: Eve. And just as importantly, when it comes to cracking who in The Twelve killed Kenny, there's only one person Eve can turn to for help: Villanelle. Although the two leads have been mostly separated all season, the promo for the finale reveals they will finally reunite to close out Season 3.

The best moment of the trailer: Bear and Jamie's faces when they are confronted with Villanelle. But that's only the tip of the iceberg. Villanelle and Rhian meeting in the London tube suggests Helena's new pet assassin isn't long for this show. And Carolyn finally throwing Geraldine out of the house will be the closure for her that everyone knows the MI-6 agent needs.

Of course, there's a lot the trailer isn't telling. Will Konstantin get to Cuba, or get his daughter Irina out of the Russian institution where she's been locked up? Can Konstantin and Dasha team up and go after Villanelle? (Harriet Walters deserves a send-off of epic proportions after her performance this season.)

And what about Paul and the mysterious Geneva account money? Will this, once and for all, put to bed the theory Carolyn works for The Twelve?

At least fans know whatever goes down in the season finale, it's not the end. Killing Eve Season 4 is coming in 2021.