Killing Eve

'Killing Eve' Fans Are All Asking 1 Big Question About Kenny

by Ani Bundel
BBC America

Killing Eve is arguably the best show on BBC America since Orphan Black. This spy vs. serial killer Bond-like thriller is known primarily for its murderously fun Villanelle, whose creative takes on her killing assignments always come with a special flair. But the show is also as twisted as a corkscrew, keeping viewers on their toes with its willingness to kill off major characters whenever it seems convenient. With the premiere of Season 3, fans are already stunned by the next person to kick it. They need to know, is Kenny dead on Killing Eve? Warning: Spoilers for Killing Eve Season 3 follow.

Kenny has been one of the show's steadying presences in Eve's life since Season 1, when her nose for female serial killers got her noticed by MI-6's Carolyn Martens. Kenny was part of that first team Carolyn put together for Eve to head, the IT genius who none of the other techs could match.

But Kenny also turned out to be Carolyn's son, which was slightly awkward when Eve realized it. Nevertheless, he was the calming dose of common sense she needed whenever Eve was about to go off the deep end, the sensible Scully to her Mulder.

Season 2 was a little rougher on their relationship. Eve stopped listening to Kenny's good sense about Villanelle's connections to the mysterious gang known as "The Twelve," and arguably got herself a bullet in the shoulder for it. When Season 3 picks up, both are now out of the force and trying to return to normal lives.

BBC America

But the truth is neither can let go. Eve, at least, has a physical reminder every time she tries to reach for something, and her shoulder says no. But Kenny, who has moved into investigative journalism at a digital publication, is finding that the time on his hands where he should be writing always seems to devolve into searching for information on The Twelve.

For a long minute, it seems like the roles have reversed this season. Eve refuses to have anything to do with Kenny's findings, while he's the one running down rabbit holes, convinced the Twelve are on the move again. His mother's MI-6 teams have been shut down, or put under the oversight of those who will keep her in line. No one else is hunting this criminal gang down, and it's up to them.

Eve keeps insisting she's not going to get involved this time, but after another shift making dumplings for the Korean restaurant where she's taken a job, she snaps and agrees to meet Kenny for tea.

BBC America

But when she arrives at his office, it's empty. Behind her, out the window, a body flies down towards the pavement.

Losing Kenny is the sort of earth-shattering loss that could bring back Eve to her old job, working either inside or outside the law. Moreover, it might just be the catalyst his mother needs to rouse herself out of the raging funk she's in over her loss of her MI-6 team.

As for how Villanelle will tie into all this, that remains to be seen. But it also might be the twist to turn her against the Twelve once and for all. After all, no one is allowed to hurt Eve, except her.