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These Signs Will Feel Rewarded During The First Eclipse Of The Year


If you're feeling nervous about the blood moon in Cancer slated to take your life for a spin on Jan. 10 at 2:21 ET, it's totally understandable. When it comes to astrology, an eclipse is serious business. It's when forces that are out of your control come into play, often causing abrupt and immeasurable change. The only way to deal with an eclipse is to let the chips fall where they may. Luckily, the January 2020 lunar eclipse will be the best for these zodiac signs — Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces — and for them, the results might be very exciting.

The reason an eclipse is such a dramatic and intense experience is all thanks to the lunar nodes. In astrology, the lunar nodes (which can be found in your birth chart) symbolize the journey you're meant to take during this lifetime. The North Node is the energy you're encouraged to move toward, while the South Node compromises the patterns you're learning to leave behind. During an eclipse, the lunar nodes are triggered, making this an astrological event that's meant to pull you toward your ultimate destiny. In order to get on the right path, you often need to let go of relationships, commitments, and habits that are holding you back. Even though this can be painful, the results of a lunar eclipse don't have to be. Sometimes what's next in terms of your "destiny" is a beautiful surprise.

If your sun or rising is under any of the following zodiac signs, you might just find that a reward or a positive revelation awaits you by the end of the first eclipse of 2020:


Taurus: You're Tapping Into The True Power Of Your Voice

This blood moon sheds light on your third house of communication, making this a time for new friends, new ideas, and a deeper commitment to your voice. A conversation may prove to be life-changing as you find the courage to say exactly how you're feeling, regardless of the consequences. It's time to communicate your truth, ask for what you want, and refuse to let fear hinder your vulnerability.

Virgo: You're Understanding Who Your Friends Really Are

When you're surrounded by the right people, anything can happen. It's time to join forces with those who share your values, your dreams, and support you along your journey. This eclipse lights a fire in your 11th house of community, meaning you're ultimately being pushed to embrace a community who really gets you. Let go of social circles that make you feel like you can't be your best self.

Scorpio: You're Opening Your Heart And Strengthening Your Faith

A spiritual revelation may be awaiting you during this eclipse. Taking place in your ninth house of philosophy and adventure, it's time to ask yourself what you believe in. Whatever you choose to have faith in inevitably becomes far more powerful. Take note of how your beliefs have shaped your reality. It may be time to rethink the motto you live by so you can live your life to the absolute fullest.

Pisces: You're Expressing Yourself And Unveiling Your Creativity

This lunar eclipse is all about art, romance, and joy. Does it get much better than that? Sending love to your fifth house of fun and pleasure, this blood moon aims to reconnect you with your inner child. If you've been repressing your creative instincts and desires, this eclipse will redirect your path and help you unleash your many talents. Let this experience show you that life is meant to be enjoyed.