Thaddea Graham as Bea and Darci Shaw as Jessie in The Irregulars

Here's What We Know About 'The Irregulars' Season 2 So Far

by Ani Bundel

Netflix's The Irregulars is a strange beast of a television series. It's a Sherlock Holmes adaptation, a horror genre TV series, a (somewhat) historically accurate period piece, and a teen drama all in one package. It's as if someone looked at Enola Holmes and said, "Sherlock Holmes meets Stranger Things?!" and Netflix execs got so excited, they started throwing money at them. It's also one of the most clever series Netflix has produced so far in 2021. So, will The Irregulars get a Season 2 on Netflix? Unfortunately, no.

Once upon a time, it was practically mandatory for a Netflix show to get a Season 2 order. The streamer's foundational principle was that Netflix shows wouldn't be canceled. That way, viewers could fall in love with a show safe in the knowledge there would be more of it to come. It was a wildly optimistic way of doing business — and an unsustainable one. By 2017, Netflix had stopped automatically greenlighting second seasons before the first ones came out. Even massive hits like Stranger Things, The Umbrella Academy, and Bridgerton wait 30 days post-release before Netflix declares them to be successful enough for another round.

These days, when Netflix approves a second season before the first one arrives, it's now a big deal. The Witcher, for instance, was given a second season a full month before Season 1 debuted in December 2019. However, although there were rumors that The Irregulars was going to get a second season (production listings indicated the team was gearing up for another round), it was canceled as of May 4, 2021.

Warning: Spoilers for The Irregulars Season 1 follow.


Thankfully, although there was clearly a lot of story left to tell, Season 1 ended with closure for many characters. The mystery of the Rip was solved. Jessie and Bea's mother, Alice, opened it, trying to get back home to her children after she was sucked into it years ago. The girls realized that, to save the world, they would have to let their mother go back into the Rip. So, Alice returned to purgatory, but this time she was not alone. Sherlock went with her so they could be together forever.

If that heartbreak wasn't enough, Bea also lost Leo. The prince traded away his future and agreed to marry Princess Helena in exchange for Billy's freedom after he was arrested for murdering his former abusive workhouse master. It was a noble sacrifice, but it also meant Bea was left all alone. Jessie had Spike; Sherlock and Alice had each other. She had no one.

Well, almost no one. Despite Watson's prickly nature, he'd quietly taken a shine to Bea. As the season closed, he promised that, unlike everyone else in her life, he wasn't going anywhere.

That suggests Season 2 would have seen Watson hiring Bea and her friends for more adventures. But unfortunately, those will likely only ever exist in fans' imaginations.