The Hottest Kinds Of Lingerie, According To 15 Very Opinionated Men

Until recently, I'd never given much thought to wearing lingerie in bed. I didn't think it was something I could pull off and even if I did, I was convinced I would be too self-conscious about it to enjoy the experience. Of course, it helps to know what the hottest kinds of lingerie are, according to guys. I imagine these include anything crotchless and made of lace but what do I know?

As a personal challenge, I recently wore lingerie every day for a week and was almost immediately sold. It was a far cry from my oversized sweats and TBH, I haven't slept in those since. Wearing lingerie in bed made me feel sexy and confident, despite my own initial insecurities. I especially liked that my newfound confidence wasn't because of the approval I got from a partner (although, admittedly, that was exciting) but from my ability to see myself in a different light. In fact, I think this Redditor is on to something when he says that lingerie is more for the woman wearing it than it is for her partner.

Men don't care about lingerie. It's more to make the woman feel sexy. So it serves it's purpose to get the woman more in the mood. But most men can just do without it. I get just as turned on taking my wife's jeans off of her as i do taking something fancy off.

- wholesomeusername26

He wasn't the only guy who felt this way, either.

Agreed. If she feels good it makes it more enjoyable all around. It's not just about how I feel.

- fluk3

Curious, I did some more research to find out exactly what men find appealing about lingerie. Is it just about making their partner feel sexy or do they have their own preferences? Here's what 15 very opinionated men of Reddit had to say about women's lingerie.

This guy prefers the simple things in life.

In my opinion, A smile, simple briefs and a lacy button up shirt.

- memberZero_

What's wrong with putting in a little extra effort?

Honestly, I don't really like lingerie. There is something about plain, casual underwear that is more appealing. It's almost more natural opposed to lingerie which comes off as trying too hard.

- Sobriquet541

Just as I suspected.

Black lace.

- derpderp37

This sounds like the perfect combination of comfort and convenience.

Big comfy sleep shirt and no undies.

- adamsimon

Got it.

Stockings, suspenders and heels.

- Axel_freakin_Justice

Stockings are a big hit, obviously.

I have a big thing for corsets, and stockings and garter belts.

- Lost_in_costco

Seriously, just stockings will do.

Fishnet stockings and nothing else.

- stankiepankie

This guy doesn't care for your lace-up teddy at all but he has the best reasons.

Came to say this. i have never found 'sexy' lingerie sexy. too complicated, or just defeats the purpose. give me a girl wearing a smile, her glasses, a long t-shirt and a pair of simple cotton undies and i'm the happiest guy ever.

- supacrispy

This is solid advice — confidence is the sexiest look you can rock.

Unless he's fairly obvious about his tastes and what outfits he likes on a woman, it's better to start out with whatever you think makes you look good. It's a good bet he'll agree.

- heretik

One more time for the people in the back.

Anything that she feels sexy in! Also: Stockings.

- effthedab

Did this guy just straight-up quote Michael Scott from The Office?

'Let's face it, most guys are from the Dark Ages. They're caveman. And they like a woman to be showing her cleavage and to be wearing 8-inch heels, and to be wearing, um, see-through underpants. But... for me, a woman looks best when she is just absolutely naked.'

- ActualOscarMartinez

I mean, this makes sense.

The kind that comes off most quickly.

- Vercingetorix_

For every guy who got super into describing his exact preferences, there were a lot of guys who echoed this devil-may-care attitude, guys who preferred an all-natural approach.

I suppose that's where the night is headed anyway.

I prefer the lingerie off the women, personally.

- SCP-1

At least he's honest.

None, or something that defeats the purpose, where the nipples and crotch are open.

- oddscar

OK, we get it!

None. I like my women naked.

- ecksit

Personally, I prefer to choose my lingerie based on my tastes rather than anyone else's. I agree that whatever makes you feel most confident is always the best choice.

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