Here's The Holiday Sex Position You Need To Try For A Not-So-Silent Night

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Santa Claus shouldn't be the only one who comes on Christmas night. Once you're done making the Yuletide gay, it's possible you're down for a little lay, and if you're looking for a holiday sex position to try in 2020, I have the perfect suggestion. Stealth on the Shelf is an ideal move for a sexy (and sneaky) holiday quickie, and here's the best part: You and your partner can do it just about anywhere there's a stable surface. Whether you use a counter, a table, a barstool, or a really sturdy shelf, this position is sure to jingle your bells.

The biggest challenge when it comes to sex around the holidays? Getting some privacy. If you're spending the end of the year with family, finding the time and space to get it on is no easy feat. Even if you and your partner do get a moment alone, you'll likely want to keep the noise to a minimum. Luckily, Stealth on the Shelf is a great option for a surreptitious shag, so even if you and your boo can't sneak off to a bedroom for an extended period of time, you can still manage to pull this one off.

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So how do you do Stealth on the Shelf? All you have to do is find a big-enough surface (preferably with some privacy) and spread your legs. The receiving partner holds on to the edge of the surface and leans back with their legs open while the penetrative partner enters them from the front, grabbing onto the receiving partner's hips for support. This can be done with their fingers, a strap-on, their penis, their tongue, or any kind of sex toy — the options are endless. This quickie position will likely get you kicked off the nice list, but at least it's sure to get you off. And depending on how quickly the receiving partner comes, you may even have time to switch positions. After all, the holidays are a time for giving, not just receiving.

You may never be able to look at your Elf on the Shelf the same way after trying this move, but hopefully, it will be well worth it.