You Can Score Sanderson Sister Wine Glasses In This 'Hocus Pocus' Home Collection

by Daffany Chan
Disney, Spirit Halloween

Halloween lovers are already gearing up for the fall's best holiday. The best way to get into the Halloween spirit? IMO, it's always sprucing up your surroundings with decor. That way, you'll get in the mood for spooky festivities. This year, you'll be able to turn your Halloween style up a notch and impress guests with home decor from the Hocus Pocus film! Spirit Halloween is bringing back the Hocus Pocus collection from previous years and fans are rejoicing. The 2019 Hocus Pocus home decor at Spirit Halloween will get you in that trick-or-treat mood in no time.

The Hocus Pocus collection was first introduced in 2017, when Spirit first launched it in honor of the '90s film. The iconic Sanderson sisters are still capturing hearts of fans to this day — proof that the film truly is timeless. If you're a devoted Hocus Pocus fan, it's good to know that you'll be able to purchase your favorite decor pieces from the previous years. Spirt has also introduced new products to the 2019 lineup, such as the super adorable Binx the cat bottle stopper.

Wilfred, Sarah, and Mary Sanderson would no-doubt approve of the decor, which depict fun features like classic quotes from the film and silhouettes of the sisters. Check out these awesome products and you'll be casting your own spells in no time.

Binx Bottle Stopper

This new product for this year's collection is perfect for Halloween gatherings and parties. With the cute yet spooky Thackery Binx-themed bottle stopper, you can spice up your wine cabinet so that it matches the rest of your home decor. Great decorations are always in the details!

Sanderson Sisters Candle

It's not Halloween without some mood lighting. Dim the lights and light your new Sanderson Sisters candle in the spirit of Halloween.

Reversible Sequined Binx Pillow

This "Binx is my Boo" pillow is perfect for sprucing up your living room couch or your bed. It's even reversible, so you'll have a new style just by running your hand up or down the sequined design. Talk about cool!

Glorious Morning Dish Towel

Didn't know you needed a Hocus Pocus-themed dish towel in your life? Well now you do. This cotton towel will surely add magic to your kitchen.

Sanderson Sisters Fleece Blanket

As the fall season draws closer, you'll surely be in need of a blanket to warm you up. The Sanderson Sisters Fleece Blanket is ideal for cozy nights in. The classic quote printed on the blanket will keep you entertained through the night.

Spirits Of The Dead Wood Sign

This spooky sign has a classic quote from the film: "It's the one night of the year where the spirits of the dead can return to earth." You can easily hang this sign up indoors or outdoors to show off your Hocus Pocus fandom.

'Hocus Pocus' Coasters

You can safely brew up any potions knowing these coasters have your back. With different designs in the four-pack of coasters, they're an awesome addition to a dinner party.

'Hocus Pocus' Gel Window Cling

Don't let your windows go bare this Halloween. This set of gel window clings includes multiple pieces, so you can flair up any window in your home with an instant Sanderson punch.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready for what's looking like the most festive Halloween yet. With these bewitching products, you'll certainly feel at home with the Sanderson sisters.