The 'High School Musical' Series Is Doing A Totally Different Show For Season 2

Jeff Neira/Walt Disney Television/Getty Images

Disney lovers, get excited, because a new mashup is on its way. After a successful first season, Disney + just announced new info about the High School Musical: The Musical: The Series' Season 2. Today's East High drama students are branching out from their High School Musical roots and will embark on performing another Disney production for the next season: Beauty and the Beast.

Beauty and The Beast seems like a perfect fit for the Wildcats' next endeavor, according to creator and executive producer, Tim Federle. "It's got all the perfect metaphors for the high school experience: Do people judge me for how I look? What is true love? Will I achieve the future I dream of? And, perhaps most importantly, it's got dancing forks," he explained in a press release.

But just because there's a new musical to stage, it doesn't mean the whole show will change. Beloved characters from Season 1 — including Joe Serafini (Seb), Olivia Rodrigo (Nini), Joshua Bassett (Ricky), Matt Cornett (E.J.), Sofia Wylie (Gina), Mark St. Cyr (Mr. Mazzara) and Kate Reinders (Miss Jenn) — are all set to return in the upcoming season.

After receiving positive feedback from fans and critics on Season 1 (it is "certified fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a nomination for a GLAAD Media Award), the HSMTMTS team is looking to re-create the magic in the next season, particularly when it comes to the song-and-dance numbers, which will include revamped numbers from Beauty and the Beast and the High School Musical movies, as well as brand-new original songs. The soundtrack from Season 1 made it on to the Billboard 200, so fans can expect the next season to also have a ton of catchy hits.

Check out the official announcement below, which previews some of the Beauty and The Beast musical magic by the HSMTMTS team:

Season 2 of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series is slated to premiere on Disney+ sometime in late 2020.