The ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Fall Finale Promo Will Have Your Heart Racing

by Ani Bundel

Grey's Anatomy threw a serious pair of curveballs into the works this week, starting with the death of longtime character Nurse Frankie. But that's wasn't all fans had to contend with. The upcoming Owen/Teddy/Amelia drama may have been backburners, but Maggie and Jackson had some serious soul-searching, which might lead to the end of their short-lived relationship. And both Catherine and Richard have major issues they're now trying to keep from each other. All this sets up a heck of a fall finale, which the Grey’s Anatomy Season 15 episode 8 promo suggests will blow everyone away.

That last sentence is not hyperbole. The episode is literally entitled "Blowin' In The Wind." (Grey's Anatomy, 15 seasons strong of songs for episode titles and counting!) In the coming episode, while the characters will be having blowouts and blow-ups all over the place, Seattle will be having a windy day of its own.

Here's the synopsis:

Seattle is hit by a huge wind storm and Grey Sloan becomes inundated with patients. Alex and Jo are stuck at home and decide to make the best of it by having a second honeymoon, while Meredith confronts Richard about getting his life back on track.

And here's the trailer:

As Taryn puts it, this week is going to be impalement-polooza. The interns are going to have their hands full while Dr. Bailey and Dr. Hunt take care of the significant cases.

Unfortunately, Richard Webber may not be joining them. Most fans assumed that Dr. Webber would fall off the wagon at some point this season, especially with his sponsor gone and the stress of not landing the chief job hanging over him. But the series took a shocking turn at the end of this week's episode. Richard walked into a bar, turned in his eight years sober chip, and seemed ready to throw it all away. Instead, he threw it away a different way, by taking a baseball bat to the alcohol bottles, the bar shelves, and the glassware. It wasn't pretty.

From the synopsis, Meredith will be the one tasked with yelling at him to pull his life together. But once he does, it may all refold under him again like a broken chair, once he learns his wife, the rock of his sanity, has cancer, which will need a miracle to cure.


And that's not including all the blowout teased in the trailer itself! Alex and Jo, finally having their honeymoon. Meredith and DeLuca finding themselves standing a little too close and staring just a little too long. Teddy will finally tell Owen she's carrying his kid (over surgery, natch!) And the openly gay Nico and the closeted Levi finding themselves in an ambulance getting it on hot and heavy. If the emergency vehicle's rocking... well, it might be the wind, but I wouldn't come knocking, because you never know.

This will be the final Grey's Anatomy episode for 2018, airing on Nov. 15. Season 15 will return again in 2019, most likely sometime in late January.