The Girl Who Lives For The Summer Wants You To Know These 8 Things

Who doesn't love summer? For the girl who lives for the season like no other, summer means more than warm temps and pool parties. So who is this character? Pinpointing the girl who loves summer is easy because she's usually the first one bathing suit shopping and planning her weekend getaways. To her, there's no such thing as not being ready for the season that yields the most fun. She was born ready.

Summer always seems to give everyone a carefree attitude. And if you're the girl who holds summer close to your heart, you know you are constantly in a good mood. How could you not be? The sun is putting endless vitamin D in your life and you can fully enjoy your emoji floatie in the pool.

Summertime is filled with so many opportunities to explore and be adventurous. The girl who loves summer tends to carry that entrepreneurial spirit in her everyday life. What can she say? Summer is basically her spirit animal. Between vacay selfies and practicing the art of rosé all day by the pool, you can learn a lot from the girl who swoons over summer. Don't worry—no one's going to lecture you or anything, but the girl who loves summer needs you to know a few things.

Wasting Any Part Of Your Summer Is A Big No-No

Dormant days in summer where you aren't poolside or on the shore are party fouls. You need to be outdoors and enjoying those sun rays. The girl who loves summer makes it a point to be outside from sun up to sun down because the season isn't going to last forever.

The Beach Is Her Second Home

Living on the beach during summer is a must. If you and a few of your friends can rent a beach house for a week, it'll be the best thing you could ever do. Waking up and falling asleep to the sound of the crashing waves is any summer lover's favorite broken record.

Don't Try And Kill Her Vibe

As much as you shouldn't purposely try to kill anyone's vibe ever, don't mess with a summer lover's vibe. During this season, she is seriously on cloud nine and that means she's only going to want to be around good vibes and tan lines. Trust me, she will be the first to tell you if you are bringing down the summer mood.

A Different Pair Of Sunnies Every Day Isn't Excessive

If you thought the most pair of sunglasses you've ever seen at one time was in a store, think again. The girl who loves summer has sunglasses for her sunglasses and loves wearing a new pair everyday. She wouldn't wear her beach sunnies to a rooftop bar party. She has a specific pair just for that occasion.

She's Wearing Her Swimsuit As Much As She Can

You know how Sundays are made for wearing pajamas all day if you want to? Well, summer is prime time for wearing your bathing suit almost as much as regular clothes. Think about it; what other season provides good enough weather for that wardrobe convenience? I'll wait.

Leave The Summer Playlist Up To Her

Music is life and throughout the summer, having a solid playlist is a hit or miss. You need tunes that make a splash at your pool parties or get the entire car hyped for the road trip ahead. No one knows summer hits like the girl who loves the season. Honestly, she plays those songs year-round.

Nothing Beats Those Summer Sunsets

You are only going to see a certain number of sunsets in your lifetime. Some of the best ones can be seen during summer while you're huddled around a bonfire at the beach. Watching the sun set along the ocean will be full of lilac and orange-red hues. In other words, it'll be breathtaking.

It's Summer, So Live It Up

If there is any shred of advice to take from a girl who loves summer, it's to enjoy it as much as possible. Scratch something off your bucket list or take a chance on love. Whatever makes you feel the most spontaneous and free is what deserves to be done during summer.

Tag along with a girl who fully appreciates those summer days and she'll show you the ropes. You'll fall head-over-heels for the season in no time.