The Adventurous Experiences You Never Knew You Needed On Your Summer Bucket List

Adventure is around every corner, and during the summer, it's almost impossible to not go looking for it. Summer makes us feel so passionate and carefree. You genuinely consider the world as your playground, and can't wait to explore more of it. The list for adventurous things to do this summer is practically endless.

If you're anything like the majority of thrill-seekers out there, you're already itching to check things off of that bucket list of yours. Those poolside days and bonfires are still in the cards, but you'll need to save time for the not-so-obvious summer activities, too. Summer hasn't quite blessed us yet, but it's never too early to start playing around with a few unique ideas.

This summer, don't fall into the same drab routine. There's nothing adventurous about calculating your every move. Instead, live life more on the spontaneous side, because adventure doesn't always have a bright, neon arrow pointing you in the right direction. A passionate traveler like yourself doesn't even need a sense of direction to make memories that'll last a lifetime. You just go wherever your heart desires, and see what happens. Before you're off running towards the sunset, consider adding any of these adventurous summer activities to your itinerary.

Travel To The City Where Your Favorite Show Takes Place, If Possible

Is Sex in the City your go-to show, or can you not stop laughing after every episode of The Office? Well, New York City and Scranton, Pennsylvania need to be worked into your summer travels. Going to the places depicted in our favorite shows can be such an epic experience. I mean, it's almost like you're an extra in an episode, isn't it?

Attend A Festival With Your High School And College Friends

For those of us who are really close to our high school and college friends, you know both squads bring something unique to the table of friendship. Bringing them all together will be such a fun plan, you'll wonder why you didn't think of it sooner. Now, throw a music festival with good vibes into the mix, and it'll be a beautiful collide of two worlds.

Spend An Entire Day Disconnected From Your Phone And The Internet

It's difficult to sniff out adventure when your eyes are glued to your phone. For one day out of the summer, no matter what you do, try ditching your phone. It doesn't seem like a bucket list item, but watch what you actually experience without the pressures or distractions of texts and social media notifications.

Host A Huge Water Balloon Fight In Your Backyard

Some bucket list items should make you incredibly nostalgic. Consider recreating something you really miss about your childhood. Hosting a water balloon fight with your friends in your backyard will put you on such a natural high. Don't forget to fire up the grill afterwards for some much-needed burgers and BBQ chicken.

Watch A Sunrise Or Sunset On A Beach You've Never Been To Before

There's nothing like watching the marmalade sun peek above the horizon. Head to a beach you've never been to before, set up a cozy picnic blanket, and watch the sunrise. Not only will you be in awe over that breathtaking view, but you'll be so excited to explore the new beach afterwards. Spend the day looking for seashells, swimming in the waves, and soaking up that beautiful sunshine with your girlfriends.

Plan A First Date At A Water Park

Adventure can apply to every part of your life, even dating. Has your friend been trying to connect you with their "friend?" Well, put a new spin on ice breaker convos and slide down slides instead. You two will have no other choice but to be your complete selves and have the time of your lives when an awesome water park is involved. Who makes the rules for first date protocol, anyway? Subside those nerves and make a splash.

Go Dune Surfing

Want to try something super unique? Try your luck at dune surfing. That's right, hills and hills of sand are waiting for you to surf under the warm summer sunshine. If you fumble, you don't risk getting wet in the waves, and those pictures for the 'Gram will be priceless.

Looking for adventure is what summer was made for. Your bucket list is calling, and it's prime time for you to answer.