The Galaxy Note 9's Storage Specs May Have You Switching From An iPhone

Drew Angerer/Getty Images News/Getty Images

While phone shopping is truly one of my favorite kinds of shopping, it really isn't all fun and games. As you browse for your next new smart device, there are a ton of factors you need to consider. Aside from looks and cool features, one of the single most important components to contemplate is storage space. Some people take a lot of photos, while others use their storage space for podcasts, photos, or videos. Others, however, barely use their storage space at all. Since you might be wondering about the Galaxy Note 9's storage versus the iPhone's storage, though, I've done a little research to sort this out, once and for all.

In case you weren't aware, the Galaxy Note 9 launched in Brooklyn, New York, on Aug. 9, 2018. And aside from the fact that it sports a touch screen, includes a handy AF S Pen, and, of course, comes in a wide variety of colors, it has several different options for storage space, including a maximum of one 1 terabyte of storage. That's large enough to hold a ton of media files. In fact, that's even more storage than most laptops have. The Galaxy Note 9 comes in two options: a 128GB phone with 6GB of RAM, and a 512GB phone with 8GB of RAM. In order to get 1 terabyte of storage, you'll have to upgrade the memory card, per ZD Net. The iPhone, in comparison, has less storage — so if you need more, the Galaxy Note could be a better option for you.

The iPhone 8 and the iPhone X both have the same two storage options, which are smaller than that of the Galaxy Note 9. The iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X both come in 64GB and 256GB. So, if you're big on photography or listening to music, I would go with 256GB, but if you're not into either of those features, I'd probably recommend going with 64GB, since the 64GB 8, 8 Plus, and X are far cheaper than the 256GB option.

If you're thinking about potentially switching to Samsung, the previous model, the S9 and S9 plus, had a sweet feature which allowed users to create an Augmented Reality (AR) Emoji for themselves. To do so, just go to the AR Emoji camera setting, snap a selfie, and it'll create a talking and moving caricature-esque version of yourself. It can talk as you talk, and move as you move. You can even do its hair or dress it up, and you can send it through any messaging app, such as the Samsung Messaging app. It's super fun and incredibly personalized.

I hate to say it, but choosing between Samsung's latest creation and any of the latest iPhones can be really freaking hard. They both have super different looks, they have varying features (like iMessage for iPhones as opposed to AR features on the Samsung), and they come in different ranges of colors. However, it's important to also take a look at all of the storage space options while considering which phone to buy. The iPhone has less than the Samsung. Hopefully, choosing a new phone won't be too difficult for you, because I know for a fact that I'll be sitting in Verizon all day, weighing my options before I make a decision.