Here's How Apple's New AirPods Compare To Samsung's Galaxy Buds

by Chelsea Stewart
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Did you hear? The new AirPods have arrived! Considering this comes right after the release of the Galaxy Buds headphones, you might need some help deciding which one to get — and that's where I come in. Let's take a closer look at the Galaxy Buds vs. new AirPods, so you can make the best decision. You're welcome.

The second-generation AirPods were announced early on March 20. Though they're Apple's third hardware announcement in recent days, they might just be the best one yet. The tiny music pods come equipped with a brand-spanking new charging case, an updated Siri feature and more. While I clearly want a pair for myself (I mean, who wouldn't?), when compared with the latest Galaxy Buds, it's really hard to call which pair might be the best purchase. With that, let's talk about the most important things to consider.

First up is probably the biggest deciding factor: the cost. The starting cost of the new AirPods is $159, per the Apple website. You'll also get a standard charging case with that price. Or, you can grab the pods listed for $199, which features a new wireless charging case. The price difference might seem like a lot just for a charger, but Apple is making up for it by allowing customers to have their cases engraved with whatever they choose — for free.

Conversely, the Galaxy Buds, which arrived on Feb. 20, have a price tag of $129.99. So, it's not a huge difference there. It just depends on your needs...

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...which takes us to the next point: the features. Aside from the wireless charger (which you can also buy separately for $79), the AirPods have new H1 chip that offers performance efficiencies, better connection to devices, and the ability to use Siri hands-free by using the "Hey Siri" command, per a press release from the company. Oh, you also get an extra hour of talk time (it was previously just two hours) and five hours of listening time.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy Buds also have wireless charging. But get this: you can even charge the music pods by placing them on top of the Galaxy S10 (if you've got it). As if that wasn't cool enough, the buds allow users to connect with Samsung's Bixby — the Android equivalent of Siri — and come in a bunch of sweet colors such as silver, black, rose gold, and sea green, while the AirPods only come in white. The cherry on top of this sweet sundae? You get five hours of call time and six hours of Bluetooth streaming.

Ah, decisions, decisions...

I can't make the choice for you, but hopefully weighing the pros and cons will help. While the new Siri feature seems cool, the ability to charge the Galaxy Pods simply by placing them atop your phone is unmatched. But the Galaxy Pods don't come with a cool charging case that you can get engraved for free, either. Hmm.

While it's a tough call to make, it seems like you'll be in for a treat, regardless of which pods you choose.

So, good luck, and happy shopping!