There's One Major Difference That Sets Galaxy Buds Apart From Apple's AirPods

Whether you listen to music when you work out or during your commute to work, choosing a high-quality pair of headphones is important. And because wireless headphones are all the rage right now, you may be looking into buying a pair of Apple Airpods or Galaxy Buds. If you end up deciding between the two, the Galaxy Buds versus Apple Airpods include this one significant difference.

You may have heard that popular electronics company Samsung recently introduced a spankin' new line of goodies on Wednesday, Feb. 20, which includes a new wearable known as the Galaxy Buds. These incredibly advanced wireless earbuds are set to debut nationwide as of March 8, according to Samsung — and they set themselves apart from Apple's Airpods in a few key ways. First off, you'll notice a difference in the prices of the devices.

Samsung's highly anticipated Galaxy Buds will be sold for about $20 less than Apple's AirPods, according to The Verge. In fact, when they're released on March 8 in the U.S., they'll only cost you $129.99. If you're ordering from Europe, they'll be available as of March 29 for €149. Not too shabby.

Apple's AirPods, on the other hand, are bit more expensive. Just one pair will cost you a whopping $159 on Apple's website. While it's not a huge difference, saving 20 bucks on your earbuds could be worth it, depending on your needs.

OK, but the really noticeable difference between the Galaxy Buds and the AirPods is the way they charge.

The only way to charge your Apple AirPods, according to the Apple website, is by storing them inside of their case for a significant period of time. This means the case has to be charged beforehand too, using a lightning cable, and you can check the indicator light inside of your case to see if it's charged (green) or needs some juice (orange). They can get up to five hours of listening time or two hours of talk time on a single charge, but if you charge your case several times, you can get around 24 hours of listening time, as well as 11 hours of talk time. Overall, that's pretty good.

Stephen Lam/Getty Images News/Getty Images

There are way more options to charge your Samsung Galaxy Buds, though, rather than fully relying on your Buds' case. Yep, wireless charging is totally possibly with the Galaxy Buds, according to the Samsung press release announcing the new headphones. You can charge them by simply placing them on a wireless charging device, or you can use device-to-device power sharing by placing them on top of the new Galaxy S10, which — in case you haven't heard — is Samsung's smart phone model that was also announced on Wednesday, Feb. 20.

According to the press release, you can also charge your Galaxy Buds inside of their compact case, which will give them up to seven hours of charge, and 1.7 hours on a 15-minute quick charge. With the Galaxy Buds, there isn't just one way to charge your wireless headphones, upping their convenience factor. This way, if your Buds charging case is dead and you're out and about, you aren't in a total (music-free) pickle.

When it comes to the other capabilities of the respective earphones, they're both able to connect to their respective operating systems to wirelessly connect you to Apple's Siri or Samsung's Bixby to help you stay hands-free while you take calls while you're on-the-go.

One last place where Samsung has a few more options is the colors available. You can get Galaxy Buds in silver, black, rose gold, and sea green, while Apple AirPods only come in a white color.

Deciding between AirPods and Galaxy Buds might be a little tricky, but hopefully this helped inform you of your choices a little but more. Apple's version is bit more expensive, but they can hold a charge for a longer period of time, while Samsung's Galaxy Buds are a little cheaper with more charging options. The choice is yours.