A woman's hand holds up a cup of chilled ramen with froth on top at Disney's Food & Wine Festival at...

Epcot's Food & Wine Festival Takes Ramen To Another Level With This Dish

Ramen may be your go-to snack, or the delicious dish that warms your heart and soul on a cold day. I've never met a ramen dish I didn't like, which is why when I saw the Frothy Ramen at the 2019 Epcot Food & Wine Festival listed on the menu, I knew I had to give it a try.

If you're unfamiliar with Disney's Food & Wine Festival, but love Disney, traveling, and food, this is an experience that combines all three. Epcot is known for its World Showcase, where you feel like you're travel around the globe in one day, visiting 11 different "countries." Each country's pavilion has its own food, shops, and entertainment.

The Epcot International Food & Wine Festival takes that idea of traveling around the world and provides visitors even more places to visit. Along the World Showcase, there are several booths that are set up just for the the fest from different countries that each have their own menu of food and drinks.

At the front of the park next to the maps, you can find a passport that lists every single menu item that's available. It's basically a to-do list for anyone who wants to try it all. The festival has become like a family tradition for my sister and I. Every year we go, I have a few dishes in mind that I've researched ahead of time that I really want to try. The Frothy Ramen was the first on my list.

Rachel Chapman

The Japan booth is located right outside the Japan pavilion. The three food items on the menu for 2019 are the Frothy Ramen, a Teriyaki Chicken Bun, and a Spicy Roll. Without hesitation, I ordered the Frothy Ramen. At first, I wasn't sure what to expect. Would the ramen be sweet or savory? Would it be hot or cold? Based on the pictures I saw on Instagram, I only knew it looked like delicious ramen noodles in a cup with some kind of foam on top. I was instantly intrigued.

It was that first bite when I discovered the noodles are actually chilled, which was a refreshing surprise for an extremely hot Florida afternoon. The frothy foam on top is light, salty, and bubbly. It's basically a super cool, fancier version of the ramen I usually whip up for myself.

Rachel Chapman

There were other dishes that stole my heart too. The Warm Chocolate Pudding with Irish Cream Liqueur Custard from the Ireland booth is warm and chocolaty deliciousness. It pairs nicely with the Guinness Baileys Shake. Another highlight for me this year was the Hawai’i booth, which features a Kāalua Pork Slider with pineapple chutney, Teriyaki-glazed SPAM Hash, and more treats.

To cap off a perfect Food & Wine Festival experience with my sis, we were able to see Hanson perform as part of the Eat to the Beat concert series. There's nothing better than a trip down Memory Lane with my best friend after eating delicious food. (Can I get a r'amen?)

If you're interested in taking your very own foodie trip "around the world," Epcot's Food & Wine Festival runs until Nov. 23, 2019. Get your tickets and appetite ready for a feast you won't forget.