7 Things You Should Know About The Quiet Girl That She Probably Won't Tell You

I love me some peace and quiet. It's what so many of us strive to achieve when we're relaxing on vacation — so why is it that the quiet person in the friend crew can be so misunderstood? I've got some news for you — the friend who is quiet is not mean, sad, or even mad. They're just not talking as much as you, and that's totally OK — because it's their choice.

To all of my fellow quiet people out there, we're just more comfortable being listeners and thinkers rather than big talkers. We don't speak up unless we have something truly important to say. Instead of seeing that as normal behavior, some people see us as being anti-social. I'm here to say that couldn't be further from the truth. I can be the life of the party, rocking out on the dance floor all night long with my best girlfriends. It's just when I'm off to the sides in a group discussion when I don't interject as much. All of my quiet peeps, I hear you through your deep thoughts, and we can seriously relate on so many levels.

If you're someone who wants to know more about where the quiet girl is coming from, here are seven things you should know about her that she might not outwardly tell you.

She's Not Sad If She Hasn't Said Much

Don't start jumping to conclusions if your friend hasn't said much in a conversation. It could just mean she doesn't have much to say, and that's that. There's nothing more to analyze about it. A far better indicator if someone is actually sad is if they are crying, sniffling, or wailing loudly. You should check for those signs first.

She Is The Greatest Listener You Will Ever Know

A quiet person loves to listen. She will be there when you need to vent or complain about a crappy day at the office, or when you just want to explain a long hilarious story no one else would have the patience to sit through. Your quiet friend is there with listening ears ready for you to spill the scoop.

She Does Talk, Just Not As Much As You

Surprise, your quiet friend does know how to talk. She's just a little more picky about when she chooses to insert herself into a conversation. Please don't actually act surprised when she finally does speak up. We're tired of that "joke."

Her BFF Knows A Totally Different Side To Her

When we're more comfortable around people, we can reveal a different side to ourselves. It may not be a loud and over-the-top side, but we do know how to let loose.

One of my friends doesn't speak up a lot around other people, but when we're alone at brunch, she will go off endlessly about the latest episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Her KUWTK side is so much fun, and I feel so special that she shares it with me.

Small Talk Truly Exhausts Her

I don't know who actually likes small talk. In my opinion, it is the most exhausting thing in the actual world — and your quiet friend couldn't agree more. I'd rather run a marathon than have to talk about the weather with a casual acquaintance on any given day.

She's Super Comfortable Just Sitting In Silence

Some people cannot stand the silence. However, the quiet girl thrives in it and finds solace in a casual night in with a bottle of wine and watching her fave show. To be honest, a quality I look for in friends and a partner is someone who's totally comfortable with us chilling, doing absolutely nothing every once in awhile. That is perfection.

She'll Get Mad If You Keep Asking Her If She's Upset

The quiet girl has been asked a million times if she's upset, just because she hasn't said much. It gets to the point where if you keep asking over and over again, that's when she'll end up getting mad... and she was in a totally good mood to begin with!