The Flower Crown Trend May Come Back In 2021 & IDK How To Feel

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It’s pretty much the circle of fashion life with things constantly going in and out of fashion, but this might be the return no one saw coming. Funny enough, 2021 may introduce the resurgence of flower crowns, or at least more flower head and hair pieces. The look rose (pun intended) to popularity in the early 2010s and just made a comeback in a few Ready-To-Wear collections on the (virtual) Spring 2021 runways — and I have no idea how to feel about it. Whether or not you remember the time when flower crowns took over the world, here’s everything you need to know about the return of the flower crown.

Of course, these headpieces weren’t invented in the 21st century, and they never really went fully out of style, but they did reach almost cult-level obsession in the mid-2010s. And as someone who was very much alive at that time, you couldn’t open a social media app, go to a party, or do pretty much anything without encountering an abundance of flower crowns. But for a look that seems so natural, delicate, and a little hippie, it drew in some controversy. “The crown itself (or headband or cluster of buds) screams disingenuous. You did not pick a few wildflowers from the lawn at Yasgur’s Farm and fashion them into a headpiece while listening to Richie Havens perform “Freedom.” No, you probably hired a florist or, worse, went to Zara or TopShop,” the Daily Beast published in an article titled “Flower Crowns Are Phony and Must Die” back in 2014.

Ulla Johnson/Shutterstock
Ulla Johnson/Shutterstock
Ulla Johnson/Shutterstock

It seems no amount of hatred or disdain for this trend can vanquish it for good. No matter what the haters say, the natural look is making a comeback — although slightly more modernized and refined. For spring 2021, Rodarte decorated most of its models in some sort of flower element, be it crowns or a smaller collection of florals ranging from dainty to over-the-top. Tomo Koizumi also went with big floral headpieces. Meanwhile, Ulla Johnson used daintier crowns with dried flowers and a muted color scheme. If you're not feeling the Midsommar fantasy, Collina Strada made a case for floral masks, another great way to add the timeless, colorful, and cottagecore look you have planned.

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Daria Kobayashi Ritch/Shutterstock

If you want to channel your inner Demeter, there's no better way to do that than a flower crown, updated for 2021. While florals for spring is hardly an original idea, flower crowns do have a throwback vibe to them these days. To get in on this revamped 2021 spring trend, check out some adorable, more modern flower crowns below.

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