Flaviar Spirits Of The World Advent Calendar is a boozy option for those who don't want wine or beer...

This Boozy Advent Calendar Is Filled With Liquor From Around The World

Courtesy of Flaviar

Anyone looking for a fun holiday Advent calendar that is not filled with wine, beer, or chocolate like so many others will want to raise their glasses to a new boozy advent calendar. The Flaviar Spirits of the World Advent Calendar promises to let you taste the world's variety. Get ready to deck the halls with 24 days of a different type of liquor, each in the cutest little drams that'll make you feel like a mad scientist.

Coming back this year after a successful holiday season in 2018, Flaviar — a brand that has a Members Club for people looking to try some unique, hand-curated spirits of the world — has two separate Advent calendars for purchase this holiday season. You don't have to be a member to buy one of these "dram-alicious" calendars.

IMHO, the Flaviar Spirits of the World Advent Calendar is the most adventurous if you're in the mood to taste different boozy options from cultural locales. But if you are a diehard whiskey fan, then the Whiskeys of the World calendar is the perfect choice for you.

Available for pre-sale on their website for $225 ($250 once it is no longer pre-sale price), the Spirits of the World Advent calendar includes "24 different spirits from around the world, a Glencairn glass in which to enjoy them, a Flaviar coaster and a tasting notes booklet with details of each tasty tipple," according to the official press materials.

$225 or $250 is about nine or ten bucks per dram for a daily taste of liquor from different destinations around the world. When you think of how much you pay for a cocktail when you go out, this calendar is a steal. If that's out of the budget, Flaviar also sells gift sets for the holidays for a little over $40.

The calendar promises to impress, with everything from gin to whiskey to mezcal to amontillado from all over the globe. Per the release, Flaviar says you will be transported "from San Antonio to Spain and from the Caribbean to Cognac." They have kept the official contents a bit more on the DL, because what would be the fun if you knew them all? However, you can expect to find Madre Mezcal, Hardy Legend 1863 Cognac, and Pisco Logia behind three of the 24 doors.

Courtesy of Flaviar

If you're into the idea of a Whiskey Advent Calendar, Flaviar has that, too. For the same price as The Spirits of the World Advent Calendar, the Whiskeys of the World Advent Calendar will have a wide selection of different whiskeys from Scotch to Bourbon to Rye to Irish Whiskey, you just might need to take notes on which ones you think are your favorites.

Courtesy of Flaviar

Flaviar's website says that these calendars will be shipping out in November, which means that if you order one now the calendar should ship within a few days and arrive at your destination.

Whether you have a BFF or a family member that considers themselves a connoisseur of spirits or you just want to liven up your holiday season with a daily sip, you'll be able to try 24 different types of spirits from around the world in just 24 days. Or heck, who's to say that you can't finish them sooner if you really want to. No one here is judging.