Hermione, Harry, and Ron from 'Harry Potter' stand together in the Great Hall.

The First 'Harry Potter' Flagship Store Is Coming & You'll Want All The Merch

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Calling all Harry Potter fans around the world: It seems the Wizarding World is closer than you may think. It's time to get your Hogwarts shopping list and galleons together, because the first official Harry Potter flagship store is opening in NYC. From robes to wands, this store will be as if Diagon Alley was plopped right in the middle of the Big Apple, and as a diehard fan, you'll want to buy literally everything you see.

According to the official press release, the three-floor flagship store will be opening in summer 2020 next to the Flatiron Building (935 Broadway), and it will feature the biggest collection of Harry Potter merch for you to buy. (That means everything on your list that's essential for attending Hogwarts will be all in one place.)

Do you need a personalized robe? You got it. How about treating yourself to a brand new wand to swish and flick with? You know they'll be there. But, of course, you're well aware that you don't necessarily choose your wand — the wand chooses you. However, you'll want to add every one of the brand-new wand designs to your shopping cart, that, according to the press release, are being made exclusively for the new location.

Warner Bros. Harry Potter New York

Since there are a few months before the opening, that gives you enough time to start a Harry Potter fund right now so you'll be prepared. Not only will there be magical things to shop for, but according to Sarah Roots, SVP Worldwide Tours and Retail, Warner Bros., as per the press release, the flagship will be also have "interactive experiences and numerous photo opportunities." That means you should definitely bring your camera with you, because you never know what Instagram-worthy opportunities will pop up. It will be an experience that both wizards and muggles can enjoy together.

The items in the store won't just be from the Harry Potter books and movies, but from Fantastic Beasts as well. And if the new store is anything like Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade at the Universal Studios parks around the world, you'll spot candy you might find on the food trolley on the Hogwarts Express or at Honeydukes.

Warner Bros. Harry Potter New York

Don't forget your wizarding wardrobe. Personalized robes will be available for purchase, so if you don't know what house you belong to, now's the time to figure it out. The Wizarding World actually has a sorting quiz you can take as part of their Harry Potter fan club. You can pass time while you're waiting for the store to open by taking quizzes, rereading the books, and even getting the rundown on fan club events. There's even a Wizarding World gold membership for $74.99 per year that gives you even more Harry Potter content and gifts to enjoy.

Essentially, 2020 is looking to be a very Potter-filled year, so it's time to dust off your books and have a few movie nights with your best friends to gear up. When summer rolls around, book a ticket — or find your very own Nimbus 2000 — to fly to NYC and check out the flagship store for yourself.