Rihanna Revealed The Fenty Beauty House For TikTok Creators To Film Endless Beauty Vids

Robin L Marshall/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Fenty Beauty is always on top of every trend, and the brand is at it again. On Thursday, March 5, Rihanna announced a Fenty Beauty TikTok House. The new space was made specifically for TikTok stars to collaborate and make content for Fenty Beauty’s TikTok, as well as their own channels.

“We are standing in the official, first Fenty Beauty TikTok home,” Rihanna announced at a celebration in Los Angeles. In a TikTok shared by one of the house’s new members Emmy Combs, who not only has 4.2 million followers on the app but is also a licensed cosmetologist, you can see the house has a pool, deep sinks, amazing lighting and mirrors for all videos, and a few Fenty Beauty signs to decorate. Beyond the perk of living in a house partially designed by Rihanna, the TikTokers will get to raid a “Makeup Pantry” fully stocked with Fenty Beauty products to create any and all looks.

“I just wanted to create a platform for the next wave of content creators,” Rihanna said in her speech. “I think our generation is the sickest, the illest, the most creative.” The goal of the house is for TikTokers to “collaborate, express, learn, and build a community,” a press release shared with Elite Daily said. Those tapped to join the house alongside Combs include Makayla (@makayladid), Savannah Palacio, Challxn, and Dawn (@thedawndishsoap), all of whom have over 200,000 followers on TikTok and make beauty, dance, and other videos.

TikTok houses are becoming a “thing” in 2020. At the beginning of 2020, Hype House, a mansion in L.A. where 19 TikTokers work together, was founded, and the New York Times reports more are in the works. But these houses aren’t necessarily new, nor are they just party mansions for teens. Viners (RIP) and YouTubers have done it before, and the ethos of these houses is to create and help build each other up. “You can’t come and stay with us for a week and not make any videos, it’s not going to work. This whole house is designed for productivity,” Hype House member Thomas Petrou told the Times.

With all this drive for creativity, I can’t wait to see what videos the Fenty Beauty House comes up with. As fans wait for any information about Rihanna’s next album, I suggest perfecting your TikTok makeup in hopes of getting an invite to the Fenty Beauty House.