This $350 Fenty Beauty Killawatt Bling Vault Is Covered In Crystals & Sold Out In Just Hours

by Stephanie Montes
Fenty Beauty // Brendon Thorne/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When Fenty Beauty's OG gold Trophy Wife highlighter got a silver-toned makeover, called Diamond Ball-Out, fans of the brand certainly took notice. The swatch videos provided hours of sparkly entertainment — people even covered their bodies in the silver shimmer, because it really is just that good. Now, in honor of the holidays, the Diamond Ball-Out highlighter got a super sparkly makeover and got repackaged in a super iced-out vault. Behold, the Fenty Beauty Limited-Edition Killawatt Bling Vault, covered in Swarovski crystals. (Now might be a good time to grab your best Rihanna-inspired sunglasses, because this thing is blinding.)

Recently, Fenty Beauty posted a KiraKira video on their Instagram account featuring a Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter and Cheek-Hugging Highlight Brush, both covered with real crystals. According to the caption, the bedazzled Fenty Swarovski gift set is a limited-edition design that was made in honor of Giving Tuesday, and it's the most blinged out gift set you've ever seen. If you're not familiar with the concept of Giving Tuesday, it's the day after Cyber Monday that focuses on giving back to charities to kick off the holiday season. According to the post, 100 percent of the proceeds from this set would go straight to Rihanna's Clara Lionel Foundation, which supports and funds effective education and important emergency response programs around the world.

Only 10 Swarovski-encrusted Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter and Cheek-Hugging Highlight Brush sets were made (you could count all of them on both hands!) and sold for $350 each. Within hours, all 10 of the Killawatt Bling Vault Freestyle Highlighter CLF Edition and Brush sets sold out. While the price tag might seem pretty steep, the profits went to a good cause — in less than a day, a total of $3,500 had been raised for the Clara Lionel Foundation.

For the lucky 10 people who got their hands on this super exclusive launch, the crystal-encrusted compact and brush came packaged in a display box that is sure to be the dreamy centerpiece of any beauty junkie's vanity.

The bad news is, there's no hope for you to get your hands on the bedazzled duo. However, there is still some good news. You can still buy the regular Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter (CLF Edition) in Diamond Ball-Out ($34; and give back to the Clara Lionel Foundation. While the compact won't look quite as blingy on your vanity top, 100 percent of the proceeds still benefit Rihanna's foundation. And TBH, your cheekbones will look equally icy anyway. Besides, after all that Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping, the $34 price tag is much more my speed anyway.

If you didn't get your hands on the Swarovski set, and you already have a Diamond Ball-Out Killawatt highlighter in your collection, you can still give back. On Fenty Beauty's website, there's an option to donate $5 to the Clara Lionel Foundation.

Fenty Beauty said in a caption announcing the Killawatt Bling Vault that "giving back never looked so good." And you know what? They couldn't be more right.