There's A Lot Going On In The 'Euphoria' Season 1 Finale Trailer, So Get Ready


HBO's latest hit series Euphoria only premiered in June, but it has already become a TV sensation, with tons of fans eagerly waiting to see how the twist-filled story of Rue, Jules, Nate, and the rest of the tortured teens in the show will end. Since the first season only consists of eight episodes, the Aug. 4 episode will be the last of the first season, and the Euphoria Season 1 finale trailer teases that the climactic season-ender will deliver Rue's showdown with Nate that fans have been waiting for all season.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from Euphoria Season 1 Episode 7, "The Trials and Tribulations of Trying to Pee While Depressed." The new minute-long teaser for Euphoria's finale shows Rue confronting Nate over what he put Jules through this season. This confrontation is what many fans have been waiting for all season long, and has clearly become the central conflict building throughout the series.

At first, it looked like Nate and Jules were going to have a love story, as the two connected on a dating app — with Nate using an alias — and appeared to be falling in love. But things took a swift turn once Nate revealed his true identity to Jules and blackmailed her with threats of reporting her for child pornography (in the form of her own nudes). He continued to use his leverage over her to get Jules to lie to the police in order to free him of his Maddy-related assault charges. Obviously, all of this messed with Jules' personal life, and in the most recent episode, Rue came to the conclusion that Jules was protecting Nate because she loves him.

The trailer shows Nate screaming as someone holds him down, and fans also see Fezco donning a black ski mask and holding a gun, which is very telling since he just threatened to kill Nate in the penultimate episode. It certainly looks like Nate is going to be getting his comeuppance in this season finale. Check out the teaser trailer for yourself below:

The video clip appears to confirm the finale episode will be set at a school dance, and the drama is not only between Rue, Jules, and Nate. The teaser also shows Cassie in a hospital bed, presumably undergoing an abortion procedure after revealing her pregnancy to McKay in the previous episode. Viewers also get very quick shots of Maddy and Kat that do not reveal much about where their story will end up, but since they have been a major focus of the series, fans can rest assured they will play big parts in the finale.

One particularly eyebrow-raising portion of the teaser shows Rue's mom wondering what would have happened if a narrator in her head had told her all about Rue's life right when she was born. The scene is pretty meta, since Rue actually is narrating the story of her life in Euphoria, and may also hint at the popular fan theory that Rue may already be dead and is retelling the story of how she died.

The Season 1 finale of Euphoria, titled "And Salt the Earth Behind You," will air at 10 p.m. ET on HBO on Sunday, Aug. 4.