This Is The Essential Oil You Need To Try In 2018, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

It's no secret that 2017 was a difficult year, so it's pretty darn important to go into 2018 with as many tools and tricks as possible, simply to make the year go a little more smoothly than the last one. If you, like me, take helpful hints now and then from astrology to prepare for the times ahead, and you happen to like taking a holistic approach to your well-being, then researching the essential oil you need to try in 2018 according to your zodiac sign is a good place to start your new year's journey into wellness and good moods.

Yes, friends, if you relate to the characteristics of your astrological sign and have plans to work on some of the more challenging aspects of your character, trying a little aromatherapy to alleviate those troubles is a simple and particularly pleasant place to start.

As for me, a Taurus, I will be looking for all the scents that make me a little more amenable to change, and just a little less stubborn with my loved ones.

If you're in the mood to smell your way into a better 2018, take a look below to find out how to approach your personality traits through the art of aromatherapy.

Aquarius, Try Patchouli To Get In Touch With Your Emotions
Rooted Earth

RootedEarth Patchouli Perfume Oil, $12.99, Etsy

OK, so you have a little trouble with all the feels, Aquarius. I got you. Feelings are hard, but if you want to get a little more in touch this year with your emotional expression, try rolling on a little patchouli oil and breathe it in. It's thought to help with feelings of emotional disconnection.

Vetiver Will Bring You Back Down To Earth, Pisces

GnarlyMagickCreation Vetiver Essential Oil, $10, Etsy

Pisces, you've got a tendency to drift off and escape reality, because sometimes, the real world is a little much. But in 2018, you're going to practice presence! Do it with some delicious vetiver by your side.

Take A Seat, Aries, And Take A Deep Breath Of Geranium

ViridEsScents Rosewood Geranium Oatmeal Soap, $7, Etsy

Dear Aeries, you have a tendency to get a little aggressive and impatient at times. It's cool, you're also super powerful and determined in everything you do. But if you want a little space, try soaping up with some cooling geranium. You might just find yourself able to stop your foot from tapping while you wait in line at the post office.

Let Lavender Help You Compromise, Taurus

MoonDustSoul Lavender Candle, $10, Etsy

Ah, the stubborn bull. This is the year you begin to open your mind to change and compromise, Taurus! To help that process along, let's light a candle of lovely lavender, shall we? Your mind will simply be swimming in acceptance.

Gemini, Try Basil For Emotional Clarity
Shanti Aromatherapy

ShantiAromatherapy Basil Essential Oil, $4, Etsy

You got a lot going on in there, Gemini, and all those conflicting and complicated emotions can cause confusion. Worry not — you just need to get some clarity, and basil is here to help that process along. A few drops in a diffuser will do the trick in no time.

Orange Will Have You Feeling Optimistic, Cancer

TimeAway Orange 100% Essential Oil XL Luxury Fizzing Bath Bomb, $7, Etsy

OK, so 2017 wasn't the best year in history. But there's no need to fall into that negativity you sometimes tend toward, Cancer. Take a bath with some citrus scents to lift your spirit in 2018.

Leo, Get A Move On With A Little Peppermint
The Essential Gifts

TheEssentialGifts Organic Peppermint Lotion Bar, $10, Etsy

Generous and humorous you are, indeed. But you also get a little lazy sometimes, Leo. Invigorate with peppermint! It will get you up and at 'em, out the door, and greeting the day with vigor.

Ease Up That Inner Critic With Some Bergamot, Virgo
Sultry Smooth Essentials

SultrySmooth Basil Bergamot Body Lotion, $3.50, Etsy

Oh, Virgo, you've got a voice in there judging both yourself and others, and sometimes it just won't be quiet.

I've got you, though: Just slather on a little Bergamot, and you might just find it a little easier to lift yourself up from some of that negativity and get back to all the hard work you're so darn good at.

Libra, Ginger Will Help You Make Decisions In 2018
Saint Cottonwood

SaintCottonwood Ginger Soap, $5, Etsy

Yes, sometimes it's difficult to make decisions, Libra, but that's partially due to the fact that you're so diplomatic and want everyone to be happy. Wafting a little ginger is going to clear that head of yours and make all those little everyday choices a little easier for you.

Ease Your Heart With Rose, Scorpio

PeaceOrganics Rose Spa Gift Set, $29.95, Etsy

Sometimes your heart gets a little clogged with jealousy and frustration, Scorpio. No need to fret! Try something that eases up that tension and opens your heart, like rose, a scent of love and spiritual warmth.

Ylang-Ylang Will Help You Think Before You Speak, Sagittarius
Hidden Acres Soap

HiddenAcresSoapCo Lavender Ylang Ylang Perfume Oil, $9, Etsy

Honesty is a great virtue, but sometimes Sagittarius, you have the tendency to say a little too much and hurt people's feelings. Ylang-ylang will help keep your energy boosted, but easy-going, so you have room for that extra pause so you can think before you speak.

A Little Sandalwood To Forgive and Forget, Capricorn

EvocatifPerfume Argan and Sandalwood Serum for Hair and Body, $40.63, Etsy

Don't go into the new year holding grudges, Capricorn. Use some sandalwood to help you let go of those old resentments and open your heart to new experiences.