BTS’ V Surprised ARMYs With A Christmas Song & The Lyrics Are Wintry Magic

The Chosunilbo JNS/ImaZinS/Getty Images

Shortly after fellow BTS bandmate Jimin dropped "Christmas Love," V also spread some holiday cheer with a new solo track. The English lyrics for “Snow Flower” by BTS’ V show the track is also an ode to snow and how it makes this time of year particularly magical. Here's what V said was the inspiration behind "Snow Flower," which will help ARMYs keep their chins up until spring with its feel-good message.

Just like Jimin, V was inspired by snow and how it is such a crucial part of holiday cheer when writing his end-of-2020 solo track. In "Snow Flower," which was dropped on Dec. 24, he begins, "Hey snow/It’s coming today/What do I have to prepare for?/I’m ready to greet you ok," according to a translation from @SpotlightBTS.

The singer then reflects on how the cozy feeling of winter actually melted away any blues he had during the colder months.

"It’s a special event when you come into this season/Your warmness melts away my blue and grey/Christmas without you would just not be Christmas at all./Bright mistletoes up above us/It’s just you and me/I love you," he continued.

V, who refers to snowflakes as “white flowers,” says the season makes him want to be “a better man.”

“Fall in love/I’m just feeling/Stay next to me/I match my footsteps with you/I’ll sing this song to you, ‘You make me wanna be a better man.’”

He concludes his song, “Let’s fill this world with white flowers/Make our vibes even deeper/Under the streetlights/A flower falls into your smiling face.”

In a blog post, V said that he'd been inspired to write the song because of the anxiety and depression that many ARMYs are dealing with this year, admitting he'd "hurriedly" written "Snow Flower" to cheer up fans who might have been disappointed that a highly-anticipated mixtape had gotten pushed back.

"As the year-end is approaching, I believe there are a lot of people whose personal anxiety and depression has grown with the thought that it’s a frozen time. As mixtape has gotten pushed back, I felt sorry to ARMYs and hurriedly wrote this," he wrote, per @SpotlightBTS post. "I believe there are many of you who believe this year was just a frozen time, and as the year-end us approaching, your anxieties and depression have gotten bigger."

Calling out his friend PeakBoy, who is featured in the song, he concluded, "At least for today, I hope white flowers can land in your heart and feel warm comfort and small happiness. I would like to really thank many white angels this year. Happy Holiday!"

While many fans might be more than happy to close the chapter on 2020, here's to the boys of BTS for keeping ARMYs spirits up during this time of year with surprise new music.