BTS’ Jimin Dropped A Surprise Christmas Song & The Lyrics Are So Jolly

The Chosunilbo JNS/ImaZinS/Getty Images

Now that the countdown to Christmas Day is almost over, Jimin of BTS is gifting ARMYs with a solo holiday original. If you've been replaying the catchy single since its launch on Dec. 24, you might be wondering what BTS’ Jimin’s “Christmas Love” lyrics mean in English. Here's what to know about the festive track.

Produced by Jimin, RM, and Slow Rabbit, Jimin's third solo track separate from BTS was a welcome release to fans struggling through a particularly difficult holiday season. Dropped one day before Christmas Day, the song starts with the line “Christmas I love you/you’re the one,” which is later repeated multiple times throughout the chorus.

The singer begins by reflecting on a snow day he experienced as a child, singing “Oh, I’ve been waiting for this Christmas Day/Already, my heart walks on this white street/Snow fell in my dream yesterday night/Under the sheets, I’ve waited for you all day.”

Jimin, who sings that he wishes “this day would last forever” and asks Christmas love to “please stay in my heart,” continues, “I try running with all my might/Like that little kid/I feel like I’m flying in the sky beyond the clouds/If someone is listening to me now/Can you please stop time like this?”

Before launching into the “Christmas I love you” chorus to close out the track, he admits, “I’m actually afraid/That I’ll leave you/Because the day is short/For me, who’s been waiting for you/Can you please just stay a bit.”

You can listen to the new holiday song on Soundcloud.

And the fandom account @SpotlightBTS translated the lyrics to English.

On the BTS blog, Jimin opened up about the origins of the song, which he said were really about reliving the childlike love of Christmas and a first snow.

"The reason I came here today is the reason why I suddenly popped up with this bright song in such a difficult situation, I came here because I wanted to tell you a little about the reason," he wrote, per a translation from @SpotlightBTS. "You probably can tell by the title, but this song contains the emotions I felt when I was little, watching the snow that I loved, pour down."

Jimin said we can lose some of our childlike appreciation for the holiday as we grow older. "As we grow up, it seems that we miss our childhood a lot," he continued. "Whether that’s the situation now or not, I thought I wanted to go back to that time. A sense of responsibility for something as you grow. That responsibility makes us mature. I thought that it might make us hide our emotions a little. But I still think we have those feelings. So it's childish at least once, but how about expressing that feeling? I thought it would be nice if that day would be today."

To cap off a tough year, Jimin reminded his ARMYs that they are all "worthy of love" before encouraging them to embrace the emotions of the song, cringey or not. "I made this song in the hopes that you all would be happy. I wish that after listening to this song, you could momentarily go back to those past memories."

Christmas might look a little different this year amidst a global pandemic, but Jimin's newest track is encouraging fans to keep the holiday spirit alive and celebrate the small joys.