Emotional Meaning Of The May 2021 New Moon

The New Moon In Taurus Will Help You Create Something Long-Lasting

When the new moon is taking place, it's a beautiful time to let go and let in. This moment is known as the "spiritual reset" of the lunar cycle, encouraging you to release your grip on the past and brace yourself for the growth of something new. As the moon slips behind the shadow of the night, its planting itself like a seed within the cosmic soil. There's no telling what this seed will become and what it will eventually blossom into, but for now, you can rest assured that an incredible journey is just beginning. The emotional meaning of the May 2021 new moon is about building something from scratch, so don't be afraid of getting your hands dirty.

If you're searching for the perfect time to take the first steps toward something new, look no further than the new moon. After all, this is when the sun — ruler of your external self — and the moon — ruler of your internal self — will blend their energies to form a perfect conjunction. Think of this alignment as an opportunity to bring the desires of your heart and soul into reality. As the moon and the sun become one, so too does your subconscious and your conscious mind. This evokes an intensely fertile opportunity for growth as it provides you with a solid foundation to work with.

If you're in the mood to experiment with the power of the lunar cycle, try starting something on the new moon. It can be literally anything, ranging from the most momentous project to simply setting an intention. Watch as this undertaking gains steam, expanding and growing over the course of the next six months, until the corresponding full moon (which takes place in the same zodiac sign as the new moon did) rises through the sky. At this moment, the cosmos will leave you with results and revelations, revealing your success.


The May 2021 New Moon Takes Place On May 11 At 2:59 p.m. ET

The energy surrounding this new moon is stable, sturdy, and perfect for a project that takes discipline and commitment. After all, this new moon takes place in grounded and reliable Taurus, a zodiac sign that gets its power from being down-to-earth and decisive. Taurus may take its time before coming to a commitment, but when it does, it's the last zodiac sign to give. When they make a promise, you can trust its a promise they'll keep. That's why the potential of this new moon is so vast. After all, if you commit to something until the end, you're already a lot further ahead than you were with all the projects you gave up on or lost interest in.

The fact that this new moon will also form a trine with transformative and obsessive Pluto only emphasizes the intense focus and power that comes with it. Pluto is a planet of creation and destruction and it has no qualms with getting to the crux of something, even if it means delving into the thickest of shadows. Pluto knows power comes from sacrifice and its willing to go through pain in order to get the desired result.

However, let's not forget about the flirtatious aspects of this new moon. After all, Taurus is ruled by romantic, affectionate, and beautiful Venus, and this new moon will tap into your need for pleasure and poetry. During this new moon, Venus will still be forming a square with expansive Jupiter, encouraging you to indulge your desires and embrace all the sensations that leave you feeling breathless and alive. Let it fuel you.