March 2021 Full Moon Emotional Meaning

The First Full Moon Of Spring Carries So Much Significance & Here's Why

All you need to do is look up at the full moon and absorb the otherworldly glow it produces while it's at its brightest and plumpest state to know that something powerful is taking place. You may not need rocket science to understand how spiritually enlivening and awakening a full moon can be, but you do need astrology to comprehend the "fullest" extent of its magic. Every full moon has its own specific energy, tone, and vibration, and the emotional meaning of the March 2021 full moon will not disappoint.

If life were a movie, the full moon will be the big reveal, the climactic crescendo, and the moment in which the major twist takes place. That's because, at this point in the lunar cycle, you're reaching a point of culmination and change. In essence, the lunar cycle begins on the new moon, when the moon cannot be seen as it plants itself behind the shadow of night like one might plant a seed into the soil. As the moon embarks through the waxing portion of the lunar cycle, it gains clarity and becomes bigger, just like that seed would begin to sprout and flourish.

Finally, when the full moon radiates its intensity throughout the sky, that seed has blossomed and bloomed. It's when you get to witness the results of all the choices you made as you put effort into bringing your own seed to life. What kind of plant did you grow? Could you have watered it more? Could you have given it more sunshine? Is it the plant you were hoping for, and if not, is it a plant you find beautiful anyway?

Life is a series of planting and replanting all of the seeds you hope to bring to life. The lunar cycle is proof of that and the full moon is when you get to witness your power as a spiritual gardener.


The Emotional Meaning Of The Super Worm Moon: March 28 at 2:48 p.m. ET

The upcoming full moon is the first full moon to take place during the month of spring, which means its meaning carries a ton of significance. Not only will this full moon be a super full moon, but it is also known as the Worm Moon. According to, the symbolism behind this full moon's moniker has to do with the increased presence of earthworms in the soil during this time. Winter is finally over and spring is now radiating the promise of new life. As March rainstorms replenish and hydrate the earth, worms are more readily able to maneuver through the dirt, which provides more food for birds, frogs, foxes, and all sorts of animals that have recently emerged from their sleepy burrows, ready to embrace the excitement of this new season.

That's why this upcoming full moon is symbolic of the abundance of the season. You've patiently endured the quiet and the cold while you remained resilient amidst the scarcity of winter. Now, spring has arrived, and with it, all the nourishment you need in order to accept the process of rebirth.

The super Worm Moon also reflects the ways in which everyone — including the natural world — is connected. This full moon takes place in Libra (which represents partnership) while it opposes the sun in Aries (which represents independence). In essence, this full moon is shining a light on who you are as a person so you can better understand how you can work with others. Recognize your strengths and weaknesses so you can forge stronger and more harmonious relationships. After all, everyone and everything is in this together.