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The Emotional Meaning Of June's Solar Eclipse Feels Transformative

by Valerie Mesa

Solar and lunar eclipses always come in pairs, and the gateway in-between these cosmic events brings forth an opportunity to walk towards the highest vibration of divine light. The second eclipse of the month and the beginning of a new season, the emotional meaning of the June 2020 solar eclipse is all about your soul's destiny.

In addition to being a trigger to the unique vibration of the summer solstice on June 20 — the longest day of the year in the Northern hemisphere — the new moon solar eclipse on June 21 will be especially significant, and for a number of reasons. First, its astrology will include five retrograde planets — Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto — which means part of your mission, should you choose to accept it, will require you to reflect, review, and revisit. Neptune — the planet of dreams, intuition, and universal love — will also station retrograde on June 23, so there will be six planets retrograding as your eclipse story begins to unfold.

Eclipses bring life-altering events, and though the zodiac sign that's being activated determines the energetic theme of your eclipse story, you can't make an astrological prediction without taking the bigger picture into consideration. Having said that, the number of planets retrograding during this eclipse season says a lot about the current events.


Retrograde cycles are for reflecting, revisiting, and reassessing the situation at hand, but these celestial events are also about discovery, which means there will be a number of revealing truths coming to light during this time. Are you ready?

New Moon Solar Eclipse In Cancer: June 21, 2020

On Sunday, June 21 — at exactly 2:41 a.m. ET — a new moon solar eclipse will adorn the night sky in the sentimental sign of Cancer. The timing of this particular eclipse — happening just a day after the summer solstice — is what makes this cosmic occurrence especially potent. With both the sun and the moon joining forces at zero degrees of Cancer — considered a highly charged degree — this indicates a new beginning that's both life-changing and revolutionary.

Eclipses are powerful lunations and this new moon solar eclipse is catapulting us all towards a brand-new timeline, both personally and universally. It's also an annular eclipse, which is different from a total solar eclipse. According to, an annular eclipse occurs when the sun and moon are in line with the Earth, with the exception that the moon is smaller than the sun, making the sun appear as a bright ring of fire. Governed by the moon, Cancer is symbolic of a mother's womb, and the moon's dark shadow serves as a representation of the collective rebirth about to take place.

The essence of moon-ruled Cancer has everything to do with your emotional security and inner foundation. Nurturing and deeply empathic, this eclipse will remind you to have compassion for yourself and for the people around you. Cancer's maternal essence will be incredibly present during this time, so don't hesitate to tune into it. Reflect on your emotional needs and continue to move towards the light.

Deep transformation is likely during this time but not to worry, as it will bring a powerful rebirth as well. For more context on how this eclipse will affect you, check which astrological house belongs to zero degrees of Cancer. This is where your new moon solar eclipse story will unfold.