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The Emotional Meaning Of The Hunter Moon Is About Embracing Change

by Valerie Mesa

When the moon reaches its peak of fullness, it sits opposite the sun, which, in turn, represents the divine feminine and sacred masculine energies coming face-to-face to enkindle harmony between your emotional and physical reality. With that being said, the emotional meaning of the 2019 hunter moon has everything to do with embracing the changes headed your way, despite how difficult or challenging. Autumn has always been mysterious, but in the end, it's a season of both maturity and harvest. Virgo season instilled the meaning of mindfulness, and Libra season revolves around relationships and compromise. So, where does the full moon come in?

Sitting directly across the sun in lovable Libra — which already has everything to do with balance — this Mars-ruled lunation will light up the velvet night in warrior-like Aries on Sunday, Oct. 13. Remember, with the sun and moon on complete opposite sides of the zodiac wheel, there is a need to create balance between your inner and outer world. Think about it: Aries is assertive, bold, and audacious; Libra is charming, eloquent, and willing to compromise. Aside from checking which astrological house belongs to Aries in your birth chart, something to reflect on is whether you're being authentic in your relationships.


The Hunter Moon: Sunday, Oct. 13, 2019

It's always interesting to see how the energy of the full moon challenges the astrological season itself. Again, this is a call for balance — as these are opposing forces — but both the sun and moon have the ability to heighten emotions and evoke consciousness. The essence of red-hot Aries is aggressive, impulsive, and highly passionate; however, a challenging aspect (square) to powerful Pluto — planet of death and transformation — will only heighten this aggressive pull from the heavens. Fortunately, a harmonious aspect (trine) to lucky Jupiter comes to save the day.

So, what can you expect from this supercharged full moon in Aries? Relationships (Libra) will be put under a magnifying glass, especially for those who committed via manipulation, (Pluto) bullying, and the misuse of power in general. Beyond the theme of relationships, the essence of Aries revolves around owning your authenticity and staying true to your sense of self. With taboo-loving Pluto in the mix, this lunation could feel somewhat like a test in regard to your confidence levels and warrior spirit. Are you afraid of change?


On a brighter note, a sweet aspect (trine) between Mercury in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces will create a sense of emotional empathy, and perhaps even bring some intuitive insight, revolving around your current situation. Remember, Aries is rash and impulsive, so make sure to think before you say something you don't mean. An electric aspect (opposition) between Venus in Scorpio and Uranus in Taurus could also bring unexpected surprises in regard to your relationships, finances, and values. Something else to keep in mind is, with two planets in smoldering Scorpio, there will be a lot of emphasis on Pluto.

Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, is Scorpio's planetary ruler and Mars is Scorpio's co-ruler, so this lunation will be energetically tinted by the essence of Scorpio. This (dwarf) planet governs all that is hidden and beneath the surface, and represents the death of the ego. So, in the end, acceptance really is essential to your evolutionary process, not to mention the overbearing energy of this Mars-ruled lunation. Whenever Pluto's involved — especially when it's being challenged like it is during this full moon — a powerful purge must take place.

Are you ready to live your best life? Don't continue holding onto the things that weigh you down. Consider this an opportunity to set your spirit free.