This Pineapple Garden Maze & Dole Whip Experience Will Sweeten Your Insta Game

Right now, you may be in need of some fresh content for your feed. You're trying to plan Instagram-worthy getaways and day trips with your besties and have photo shoots with the pineapples and other tropical items. Have you considered going to the Dole Plantation on Oahu?

Trust me, this place will take your Instagram to the next level, because it might not be like anywhere you've been before. It's totally one-of-a-kind with its pineapple garden maze and express train, and will bring your trip to Oahu to the next level. Where you and your besties might have signed up for a getaway with the palm trees and saltwater, you'll end up having an experience that'll make you want to cancel your flight back home and settle down in this beautiful part of the world.

You'll want to live closer to the ocean waves and stores filled with fresh produce, and eat sandwiches every day that are loaded with local greens. You'll want to spend your weekends taking clever pictures with pineapples and wandering around with a sweet shave ice in hand. It all starts with hopping on a plane and planning a visit to the dreamy Dole Plantation. Here's everything you need to know about what awaits.


According to their website, The Dole Plantation is one of the most popular attractions on the island of Oahu. It's a must-do for travelers and locals alike. It's home to gardens filled with lei flowers, pineapple plants, and other tropical crops. It's also the one spot where you can go on these excursions: the Pineapple Express Train Tour, the Plantation Garden Tour, and the Pineapple Garden Maze.

The Pineapple Express Train Tour is the best way learn about the history behind Hawaii's pineapples and see the beauty of the North Shore for yourself. This 20-minute long ride will bring you closer to the natural world and give you extra appreciation for it. Not to mention, the yellow train will look so cute on your Instagram feed. An adult ticket only costs $11.50, or $10 for a group of 25 or more.

Next, going on the Plantation Garden Tour is how you'll want to spend a majority of your day at this destination, because the plantation has eight mini gardens you can explore and have photo shoots in. For just $7 (or $6.50 for a group of 25 people or more), you'll be able to pose with tropical coffee plants and blow kisses to the colorful flowers and cacao pods. (Pro tip: You'll want to make some extra space in your camera roll and download the best preset packs of the season for this excursion.)

As much as you're going to love the gardens, you'll also need to make some time for the Pineapple Garden Maze. It's like an island version of all the corn and sunflower mazes in the fall in New England. According to the Dole Plantation's site, it's made up of 14,000 Hawaiian plants and will lead you and your besties to eight "secret stations" before bringing you to the heart of the maze. Tickets for this excursion are $8, or $7 for a group of 25 or more.


To go on all of these excursions and get up close and personal with the pineapples, you and your besties simply need to book a getaway to the wonderful islands of Hawaii and put the Dole Plantation on your detailed itinerary. You need to get your tickets at least 24 hours before you visit the plantation, the site notes, or upon arrival. Oh, and be sure to stop for a delicious bite to eat at The Plantation Grille before heading into the gardens or maze.

The menu at this spot won't break the bank and it includes everything from sandwiches, salads, and hot entrees, to fresh DoleWhip® (which is the plantation's soft-serve pineapple treat, according to TripSavvy). You'll want to order one for your tastebuds and the Instagram picture you can get, smiling with the perfect yellow swirl or scooping a huge spoonful into your mouth.

Be sure to edit and post those pics with the hashtag, #DolePlantation, and follow the Dole Plantation on Instagram. You never know, they might end up reposting your influencer-style pics with the pineapple plants, or your cone filled with a fresh whip.