This Lip Plumper Is Blowing Up On Amazon For How Well It Works... But Is It Safe?

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Lip plumpers are a go-to for anyone that wants a little extra oomph for their pout, and if you've used them before, you know that you have to endure a little sting or tingle on your lips to achieve the affect. The latest must-have plumper taking off on across social media is the Derol Lip Plumper on Amazon... but is it safe? TikTokers have already fallen in love with its impressive, albeit slightly painful, results. But should a lip product be causing actual pain, rather than a slight tingle? Experts have some insight about whether or not the Derol Lip Plumper is actually a product you want to put on your face.

"Do not, I repeat, do not get this on your tongue," TikTok influencer and makeup artist Mikayla Nogueira captioned a video. In the video, she tries the peppermint oil-based gloss on her clean lips. "I am starting to feel the burn. It's getting worse by the minute," she says after a minute or so. Despite the discomfort, she ends her review by saying the product did, in fact, work. Another post about the lip plumper notes that it burns like a "beach." "It looks so luscious," @notmikahoj says. "I feel like Kylie Jenner."

Although the results are in, I still have questions. Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Orit Markowitz tells Elite Daily that while the traditional plumping ingredient — bee venom — has been traded out with the "safer" peppermint oil, you should still use a product like this in moderation. "The peppermint and ginger extract noted here can still irritate your lips," she says Dr. Markowitz. "Lip plumpers work by causing inflammation and swelling and can be particularly harmful for those who already have sensitive skin. If you don't have sensitive skin and the burning sensation subsides, you can continue to use these products."

So, it seems you can go forward with your plumping desires (within reason) assuming you don't experience any major reaction. While any lip plumper shouldn't be an everyday staple for you, due to the fact they will irritate your skin even slightly, the Derol Lip Plumper ($15, Amazon) is safe for use. You can check out more TikTok reviews, as well as shop the product, below.

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