The Price Tag For Travis' Latest Birthday Gift For Kylie Will Blow Your Mind

Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Um, can you say goals? Ahead of Kylie Jenner's birthday on August 10, her boyfriend Travis Scott surprised her with the most romantic birthday gift of all time. Seriously. I will never see anything more beautiful, because Scott surprised Kylie with thousands — yes, thousands — of red rose petals scattered throughout her home. Wow, I thought getting one flower from your beau was romantic, but thousands? That's like a whole new level of romance that's only seen in the movies. But considering Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner are super rich and famous, what else would you expect? In fact, the cost of Travis Scott's 2019 birthday flowers for Kylie Jenner will have you questioning everything because it could literally pay your tuition, or year's worth of rent, or a brand-new luxury car, or — uh, you get the point.

As I said, Kylie Jenner doesn't turn 22 until August 10, but that didn't stop Travis Scott from celebrating early. On August 5, Scott surprised Kylie by decorating her entire house with red rose petals. The makeup mogul shared a video of her rose-filled house on Instagram, which she captioned, "My house is covered in ROSES! @travisscott and it’s not even my birthday yet!!!!! Omg," along with crying emojis.

You could tell that Kylie was clearly in disbelief over what was right in front of her. I mean, who wouldn't be? Thousands of roses in your home isn't what you see every day. In the video, Kylie said, "Stormi! Look at this," to her daughter, who was just casually playing around in the ocean of flowers in the background, NBD.

Kylie also showed off her card from Scott, which read, "Happy Birthday!!!! We're just getting started. Love you." And like, what does that mean? "We're just getting started," could refer to the fact that Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are just starting their lives together since fans believe the two are engaged, but it could also mean that Scott has more surprises up his sleeve.

Honestly, it's going to be hard to top this gift. According to President and Creative Director of Birch Event Design Josh Spiegel, Travis Scott's romantic gesture to Kylie probably cost around — wait for it — $50,000-$60,000. I'm not kidding.

"Assuming the foyer is 2000 square feet, it would take approximately 16,000 roses to cover the area appropriately," he tells Elite Daily. "If the square foot assumption is correct, this extravagant gift would cost approximately $50,000-$60,000."

Spiegel also revealed some info about the process of pulling off a gesture like this, sharing:

The gift would take around 8 hours to create. The process includes breaking all the roses, filling boxes, laying out plastic on the floor (so you don’t damage the floor or carpet) and then pouring the rose petals out evenly. Something that seems super simple really needs to be done right.

And there you have it! Travis Scott probably spent around $50,000-$60,000 for this gift. If he's willing to drop that much on Kylie's birthday, I can't imagine what he's planning for Christmas.