Here Are All The Throwback Bangers In The 'Sabrina' Part 4 Soundtrack


Since the Archie-verse's arrival with The CW's Riverdale, all of the new revivals of the long-running comic have paid tribute to their musical roots. But Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is the only one that has gone so far as to turn itself into a semi-musical. Since Part 3's debut at the top of 2020, the Netflix series has gone all-in on the show's in-world bands, making entire music videos part of its structure. The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Part 4 soundtrack is merely the next step in the show's evolution, with episodes filled with recognizable songs you'll sing over and over again.

Warning: Spoilers for Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 4 follow. CAOS Part 3 leaned in hard to the actors' performance chops, with eight musical numbers altogether, performed by the show's cast. Part 4 is one song short of a full complement of "one song per episode," with seven significant musical numbers performed over the show's final installments. (Perhaps that's because the last episode is not one that works with putting on a live performance.)

But that just means the songs that did make it in are bigger than ever. From "Sixteen Going on Seventeen" from the smash-hit musical The Sound of Music to '80s hair metal classics like Guns'n'Roses' "Sweet Child o' Mine," the final part of Chilling Adventures squeezes a little bit of everything into the soundtrack. (Though it's not part of the official soundtrack, my personal favorite song in Part 4 is Squirrel Nut Zippers playing at the dance party in Hell.)

The series even managed to fit the famous Rocky Horror Picture Show hit, "The Time Warp," which, considering the show's full bend into messing with time loops at the end of Part 3, is probably long overdue.

Here's the full soundtrack of songs covered by the cast in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 4.

  1. "Radio Ga Ga" Ross Lynch, Jaz Sinclair, Lachlan Watson, Jonathan Whitesell
  2. "Sixteen Going on Seventeen" Kiernan Shipka, Gavin Leatherwood
  3. "Tomorrow Belongs to Me" Gavin Leatherwood, Tyler Cotton, Mellany Barros
  4. "Total Eclipse of the Heart" Kiernan Shipka, Ross Lynch, Jaz Sinclair, Lachlan Watson
  5. "PartyTime" Riker Lynch, Sarah Corrigan, Conor Stinson O'Gorman, Nicco Del Rio
  6. "Sweet Child o' Mine" Kiernan Shipka, Gavin Leatherwood, Tati Gabrielle, Chance Perdomo
  7. "Time Warp" Ross Lynch, Jaz Sinclair, Lachlan Watson, Jonathan Whitesell