Concept art of the Cheese Suite by Café Rouge shows a cheese-themed bed and cheese art on the walls....

This Cheese Suite Is Un-brie-lievably Cool & You Can Win A Free Night

Café Rouge

While you may love cheese, being a cheese fanatic is taking that adoration a step above perfecting your grilled cheese sandwich or crafting the most incredible charcuterie board. A true cheese fanatic loves cheese so much that they'd dream of spending an evening in a room that features floor-to-ceiling cheese decor. Well, that's totally possible now that the Cheese Suite by Café Rouge is opening in London.

Dubbed the very first "cheese-themed hotel" in the entire world, this suite will offer guests the opportunity to relax in a room that's covered in cheesy goodness. According to the press release, the idea for a Cheese Suite comes from the mind of Café Rouge — a French bistro restaurant in the United Kingdom — to coincide with their cheese-filled menu that's available this winter. And what a tasty collaboration this is.

All this talk of cheese must have you feeling pretty hungry, so if you're thinking about checking out the Cheese Suite for yourself, you may be wondering how much it is for a night and where you can book your reservation. Well, the good news is that the Cheese Suite is absolutely free to stay in, but you'll need to be one of nine lucky winners in order to experience it.

Café Rouge

To enter for a chance to spend a night in the Cheese Suite, you can fill out the form on Café Rouge's website. The lucky winners will each spend an evening in the Cheese Suite from Jan. 29 to Feb. 6, 2020. According to the press release, nights will be randomly selected for winners within the given time frame, so you'll need to be ready for cheese whenever it calls.

Once you're inside the suite, that's when the cheesy fun begins. Since your room will be so grate, you won't want to leave it. Luckily, the suite comes with a cheese hotline delivery service, so you can order in all the cheese your heart desires. On top of that, you'll enjoy the winter menu at Café Rouge with a voucher for a free meal for two at the location of your choice. Save the voucher to enjoy some cheese for another time when you're not currently preoccupied enjoying cheese on a very cheesy couch.

Café Rouge

Among the brie-lliant decor you'll find inside are cheese-themed cushions, bedding, and cheese installations that are so Instagram-worthy. Spend time playing cheese board games with your travel companion, or savoring cheese and crackers. You'll want to make sure your camera has plenty of storage because you'll be taking pic after pic. Use some punny cheese captions for any post you want to share on Instagram. Puns may be cheesy, but that's exactly what you're going for.

The Cheese Suite is located in Camden, which is in the center of London. You'll be close to all the sights you've been longing to see like Camden Market where you can shop for vintage clothes and delicious treats. If you're one of the lucky ones who's chosen, you might as well make an adventure out of it.

If you're looking to have a gouda time and wheely want to relax with some delicious cheese, the Cheese Suite is the place for you. So enter to win and keep your fingers crossed you'll get to experience this un-brie-lievable stay.