The 'Cheaper by the Dozen' cast's TikTok reunion is bringing back huge memories.

Hilary Duff & The Rest Of The ‘Cheaper By The Dozen’ Cast Recreated Iconic Scenes On TikTok

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It's been 17 years since 2003's Cheaper by the Dozen premiered in theaters, starring notable actors like Hilary Duff, Alyson Stoner, Piper Perabo, and Ashton Kutcher. Now, the cast members are reminding fans why they loved the film with a TikTok video that will have you feeling so nostalgic. Get ready to watch the Cheaper by the Dozen cast's TikTik reunion as they recreate iconic scenes.

Perabo posted the TikTok video on Twitter on Wednesday, May 27. Perabo (who played Nora Baker) wrote, "Surprise! From the Baker family to yours. We are all in this together" alongside the post. The minute-long clip features Simple Plan's "I'm Just a Kid" as background music, while the Baker family, all grown up, teams up to recreate iconic character scenes from the movie, including a cameo from Duff and Stoner.

The video begins with twin brothers Brent and Shane Kinsman, who played Kyle and Nigel Baker, positioning themselves one behind the other, throwing their arms up, and dropping down into their iconic bicep flex. Then, Forrest Landis (Mark Baker) appears, wearing glasses and grimacing before it cuts to the picture of his wincing-face from the film. If you remember Blake Woodruff's character, Mike Baker, you'll love seeing him recreate the telephone scene, right before Morgan York (Kim Baker) showcases her blue pixie cut before donning a blonde wig and a fake bloody forehead bandage while she holds up a picture of Steve Martin. Martin played the father of 12, Tom Baker, in the film.

The TikTok continues with Jacob Smith (Jake Baker), glancing at a pile of red meat, then the frame cuts to Stoner. She's wearing a red beret and sporting a platinum pixie cut looking super grown-up, before she kneels down and puts on a frog beanie like the one she wore in the movie.

Kevin G. Schmidt, who played Henry Baker, appears after Stoner, and lies down on a messy, food-covered floor, looking at his hands with a grimace. Finally, Duff is shown on a landing, recreating her scene with a green face mask, looking surprised and disgusted.

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The video ends with Perabo recreating her character's annoyed expression and flashes to Bonnie Hunt (the mom, Kate Baker) typing away on her laptop, before showing the scene from the movie featuring a bulky, dated computer that will make you LOL.

There is so much nostalgia to unpack, you'll probably want to watch the video more than once. While the cast is grown up now, none of them have any trouble mimicking their old characters, and it is absolutely golden.

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2003's Cheaper by the Dozen was a modern remake of the original 1950's film, with the parents of 12 children living a ~slightly~ chaotic life. The movie is available to stream on Disney+, and after that nostalgic video, it might just be time for a rewatch.