The Chainsmokers' Drive-In Concert Is Getting Dragged For Filth On Twitter

Twitter Is Dragging The Chainsmokers For Filth Over Their "Drive-In" Concert

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Due to the coronavirus outbreak, many large-scale events have either been canceled or postponed until 2021, marking a huge blow for festival and concert season this summer. As a result, artists have thought of creative ways to keep fans entertained, like performing virtual concerts from home. On July 25, The Chainsmokers held a drive-in concert as an alternative, but it's been met with backlash online due to videos surfacing of fans not following social distancing guidelines. Although safety precautions were put in place for The Chainsmokers' drive-in charity concert, Twitter is not happy with how it turned out.

After taking a break from social media, the duo — made up of Andrew Taggar and Alex Pall — made their return to music with a drive-in concert in the Hamptons on Saturday, July 25. The event was extremely pricey, with tickets ranging from $1250 to $25,000, but it was all for a good cause. The profits went to local charities, including No Kid Hungry, Children’s Medical Fund of NY, and Southampton Fresh Air Home.

In a July 8 interview with Page Six, Pall explained The Chainsmokers wanted to give back through this event. "While we’ve been recording our new album most of the year, it’s given us the opportunity to listen and learn about problems in our society and we have taken giving back and supporting change very seriously," Pall said.

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According to Billboard, ahead of the concert, organizers worked to ensure the event followed guidelines recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and all state and local health mandates. Guests had to complete an online COVID-19 questionnaire before finalizing their ticket purchases online, and at the event, people received free face masks, had their temperatures taken by staff, and had access to hand sanitizing stations.

They were also encouraged to socially distance on the 100-acre venue, but based on videos shared by those who attended, not everyone seemed to follow the guidelines. A video shared by TMZ shows a crowd with people seemingly not spaced six feet apart. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention asks people to stay at least six feet away from each other in order to reduce the spread of the virus.

Seeing the huge turnout, users criticized The Chainsmokers for going through with the concert.

While people are looking forward to the day they attend live concerts again, they're willing to wait a little longer for the sake of everyone's safety.