Reese Witherspoon on 'Get Organized with The Home Edit'

I Can't Get Over All The Celeb Homes In Netflix's New Organizing Show

John Shearer/Netflix

A lot of people have spent much more of 2020 at home than they thought they would, thanks to social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic. It can get kind of boring to be in the same place all the time, but luckily, Netflix is here to provide a change of scenery that's very easy on the eyes. The celebrity houses in Netflix's Get Organized With The Home Edit are so gorgeous, it's almost as good as getting to check them out in real life.

The new home design series, which premiered on Netflix on Sept. 9, is not your average makeover show. Sure, Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin visit homes and help their clients declutter their spaces — pretty standard. But, since Get Organized follows the super-successful founders of the The Home Edit, audiences get to peek into the lives of their elite clientele, which includes a ton of celebs.

Since founding The Home Edit in 2015 and helping their clients create Instagram-worthy organized spaces, Shearer and Teplin have worked with celeb clients like Kasey Musgraves, Mindy Kaling, and Dan Levy. Now that they've brought their expertise to Netflix, they're continuing to visit their celebrity clients in their truly aspirational homes — which are even more impressive after Shearer and Teplin implement their organizational systems within them.

Get Organized starts off with an A-list bang when Shearer and Teplin visit the home of Reese Witherspoon in Episode 1. The Home Edit ladies are already big collaborators with Witherspoon; they host the show Master the Mess for Witherspoon's Hello Sunshine. But they take things to a whole new level once they invite viewers into Witherspoon's home for Get Organized. Not only is Witherspoon's Nashville home covered in the most beautiful blue wallpaper that perfectly fits her aesthetic, but it's also filled with memorabilia from her most famous roles. In the episode, Shearer and Teplin help her organized her closet, which includes costumes from Legally Blonde and Big Little Lies.

The celebrity homes might get even more enviable from there. As Season 1 of Get Organized continues, audiences get to see Khloé Kardashian's massive garage, Retta's "leisure lounge" (which definitely sounds like it was inspired by her parks & Rec character Donna Meagle), and Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka's giant playroom for their kids. It's enough home design inspo to hopefully last you through all the rest of this period of social distancing.

Check out some of the pics before seeing the shows for yourself:

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Season 1 of Get Organized with The Home Edit is streaming on Netflix now.