The BTS ARMY Turned Back Time To 2013 For An Epic April Fools' Joke

Han Myung-Gu/WireImage/Getty Images

BTS' songs on Map of the Soul: 7 reflect back on the group's seven years together, hence the album's name. Many fans wish they could have known about BTS since their debut so they could take part in their journey from the start. That's why, for the BTS ARMYs' 2020 April fools joke, they thought it would be a brilliant idea to turn back the clock and pretend like it was 2013 all over again. As part of the prank, fans are acting like they have no idea who BTS is and are just learning about them for the first time.

Fans will never forget the day they became a BTS fan. It all starts with listening to their music and wanting to learn their names, before going down the rabbit hole of BTS' music videos and watching their performances and interviews from over the years on repeat. Before they know it, they've dedicated their Twitter account to BTS and are tweeting about them every day.

Every member of the ARMY has a story of how they've started liking BTS, but speaking from personal experience, it's rare to find a fan who's been there with them since day one. Many fans have only experienced BTS' debut through their BangtanTV clips, and they imagine how OG fans must have felt during those early days.

Now, fans are turning their imaginations into reality by pretending like BTS is debuting on April 1, 2020. To make the situation believable, fans are tweeting BTS' first concept photos and pretending they're getting to know the members for the first time.

They're also listening to BTS' debut album, 2 Cool 4 Skool, and watching their early performances of their first single, "No More Dream." Fans are celebrating the "album release" by trending #2Cool4SkoolOutNow, #NoMoreDreamOutNow, and #DebutWithBTS.

Fans are "predicting" BTS will become very successful one day. Knowing how popular BTS is around the globe today, the tweets will make fans feel so proud of how far they've come.

All in all, this prank is iconic and the only thing that would make it better is if BTS got in on the fun, too.