This New Addition To Wedding Dresses Will Definitely Make People Feel, Uh, Relieved

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When I think about my wedding day, there are some uncertainties involved. First, when is it going to happen? How is it going to happen? IS it ever going to happen? Then, I move on to the other not-as-important questions, like where is it going to be, who am I going to choose as bridesmaids, and most importantly, what am I going to wear? Then, I really start dwelling on the what to wear part, and I wonder how the heck I'm going to pee in that giant dress if I don't have someone to hold it up for me. Well, the Bridal Buddy is a brand new invention here to solve that problem for me once and for all.

While I'm still unclear on when I'm going to get married and how it's going to happen and whether or not it's ever even going to happen, I can be sure of one thing: With the Bridal Buddy, the whole how-will-I-pee-on-my-wedding-day issue is finally solved. So how does it work? Allow me to explain! Basically, the Bridal Buddy is a slip you wear under your wedding dress that doubles as a net you can stuff the entire dress into while you go to the bathroom. You pull the slip up over your dress from underneath it, slip your arms through the handy arm holes in the slip, and then tighten the string around your neck, and the dress sits in the slip above your butt and legs. This allows you to pee (or even go for a nice poo after all of that champagne and cake) without demanding your bridesmaids follow you into the restroom.

I know, I know. It's tough to visualize such a — how do I put this eloquently? —unique idea. Luckily for all of us, @thisisinsider posted a video of the Bridal Buddy in action on Twitter.

While it's totally necessary when you think about it, a slip that also works to hold the bride's entire dress while she pees or takes a dump is not something you see every day. It's also just not really something you think of when you think "wedding apparel," so it had some mixed reviews from the Twitter community.

One woman thanked the creators on behalf of every woman in the world.

This woman is a little concerned about how long it would take her to get the contraption to work.

This woman is only worried about getting the slip to work after she's started drinking a bit.

The concept reminded people of a certain Bridesmaids scene that I don't think any self-respecting woman should ever forget.

Former bridesmaids are pumped about this idea.

This guy remembers the invention from an episode of Shark Tank.

Don't worry, I found a breakdown of the Bridal Buddy Shark Tank episode for you to check out here. Kevin and Laurie struck a deal with the creator, which could be a reason for its newfound popularity today.

Even under the YouTube video, most of the comments regarding Bridal Buddy are pretty positive. That being said, there are still some haters on Twitter... because, well, there always are.

This woman thinks it's "the creepiest thing" she's ever seen.

This woman is worried about all of the dresses that are about to be maimed in the process of using this.

This woman was frustrated by the assumptions people were making that every woman gets married.

But a fellow woman was quick to remind her they don't only have to be used on wedding dresses.

For any men hoping to share their critiques on this product, this woman would rather you didn't.

I have not yet worn a wedding gown or been in a bridal party, so I can't say that I have a whole lot of firsthand knowledge of exactly how hard it would be to use the bathroom with a wedding dress on. That being said, I have worn my fair share of floor-length evening gowns, and let me just say, using the bathroom in those is no walk in the park. And a wedding dress is basically an evening gown on steroids, so I can only imagine how difficult that would be.

Here's to hoping for the continued success of the Bridal Buddy; may a bride never have to enlist the help of her friends to go to the bathroom again.

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