The 'Booksmart' Trailer Will Help You Get Over Any High School FOMO You Still Have

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Anyone who stuck to their books in high school was probably more accustomed to the local library than a riotous house party. Whether or not you regretted your more low-key social life back in the day, you probably still experience curiosity about what you were missing. In case you're still wondering what the cool kids did every weekend, the Booksmart trailer is bound to help you get over any FOMO left over from high school.

Booksmart, which is actress Olivia Wilde's feature directorial debut, stars Beanie Feldstein (Lady Bird) and Kaitlyn Dever (Last Man Standing) as best friends Molly and Amy. Throughout high school, they were devoted to their studies in order to get into good colleges. However, after realizing that the partiers in their year were still admitted to respectable schools, they decide to squeeze four years of high school partying into a single night before they graduate. As the trailer promises, their efforts lead to mixed results.

The first promo is a little NSFW, but in addition to Molly and Amy breaking into the party scene, the trailer offers glimpses at the rest of the well-known cast. Wilde's real-life partner Jason Sudeikis stars as the girls' school principal, while Lisa Kudrow and Saturday Night Live alum Will Forte appear as Amy's lovably distant parents. In between the fleeting cameos, Molly and Amy's love for feminist paraphernalia and fully stocked purses is also put on display.

The real selling point for anyone who identified as a high school bookworm comes when Molly convinces Amy to embrace her indulgent party plan. Amy isn't too thrilled about the idea of breaking rules until Molly reminds her that their activist heroes, including Susan B. Anthony and Rosa Parks, broke all the rules and were better because of it. If something's good enough for Susan B. Anthony, it's good enough for you, right?

Given that the clips feature the girls threatening a pizza delivery guy and ending up in handcuffs, it seems that that their desire to rebel pays off. Wilde's time in the director's chair has already paid off, too. Since its early premiere at the SXSW Film Festival, Booksmart has racked up raving reviews, and although Wilde was a freshman filmmaker, she had experts at her side. While Will Ferrell and Adam McKay (Vice) executive-produced the movie, Set It Up and Isn't It Romantic scribe Katie Silberman wrote the Booksmart script. If you're digging the recent rom-com trend, Silberman's darker tone in this movie just might be your kryptonite.

In a 2018 interview with Entertainment Weekly, Wilde discussed why Booksmart was the perfect project for her directing debut, saying:

I’m really inspired by the teen comedies that inspired me when I was younger, and [Booksmart] feels like a modern-day Clueless meets Dazed and Confused. I think it has a very, very unusual and fun tone to it. It’s a very personal movie… The whole idea of the movie is learning to really see people, and to feel seen yourself... [this film] is mostly about friendship. They’re two really brilliant young women who realize that everything they’ve learned academically doesn’t necessarily help them in a practical way.

It's not a sweet and sentimental approach to high school, but Booksmart looks like the kind of victory lap every former nerd needs. Here's to reliving high school with a vicarious twist during a screening.

Booksmart is in theaters on Friday, May 24.