Beyoncé & Adidas Announced Ivy Park Is Back With A Winter Line Called "Icy Park"

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Although the groundhog's word isn't back yet, a much more important icon has definitely called for at least six more weeks of winter. Beyoncé x Adidas are back with Icy Park, a ski-inspired third line playing off the original Ivy Park collaboration. It's only been a few months since Ivy Park Drip 2 came out in Nov. 2020, and Beyoncé's clearly already been hard at work. The Icy Park line will give you all the snowy drip you didn't know you needed for the new year. The brand's Instagram started teasing the newest drop on Jan. 25 with a flashy ad, and although it's hard to make out all the items shown, this is clearly going to be another can't-miss collection.

The fast-paced teaser for Icy Park features an eerie soundtrack, shots of snow-covered mountains, and a glimpse at what's to come. Strobed montage of reflective jackets, graphic prints, and some all-white fits and shoes that I'm already obsessed with flashed across the screen. But perhaps the most compelling part was the final shot, featuring only the words "Coming Soon." When, Beyoncé? When?? Mo matter how much you or I beg, the size-inclusive brand's keeping a lot of information under lock and key. What I can say is that Icy Park will feature fresh apparel, footwear, and accessories that perfectly blend wintery ski styles with streetwear aesthetics. According to Women's Wear Daily, fans can expect a "refreshingly chill, effortlessly functional, relentlessly stylish, and always inclusive" collection to make their winter months even icier.

As for your shoe game, the Ivy Park Ultra Boost, Forum Lo, Forum Mid, and Super Sleek sneakers are all reportedly getting an update. An all-new Super Sleek Boot will apparently be available in the collection, too. In a mere second-long shot, the boots appear to be white with a chunky, black sole — and totally equipped to help you conquer the snow.

Joining Beyoncé in this campaign are some serious heavy hitters in the celeb world. So far, both rapper Gucci Mane and model Hailey Bieber have modeled sets from the collection in promo images. For his 'fit, Gucci Mane wore an all-white, super cozy tracksuit. Meanwhile, Bieber sported a patterned magenta crop top with a matching hat and biker shorts and a pair of platform white sneakers. I can just tell this whole collection is about to come for my wallet.

If there's one thing Beyoncé likes to do, it's keep fans on their toes. Given how fast previous Ivy Park drops have sold out, your best bet secure your cart is by staying close to the streetwear brand's website.

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