These are the 10 best snapchat games available right now.

These 10 Snapchat Games Will Let You Challenge Your BFFs For Hours Of Fun

Sometimes you aren't able to spend time with your friends IRL, but that's where Snapchat comes in. Everyone knows that sending chats and photos back and forth on the app is a fun way to bond, but now you can also play games with each other in the app. Some of the best Snapchat games to play in the Snapchat Games section allow you to play co-op with a friend or compete against them.

Snapchat first introduced special VR games called Snappables back in April 2018, but those games rotate and change constantly, so there's no telling which ones will appear.

The official Snapchat Games are found within a one-on-one or group chat, to the very right of the chatbox, represented by a rocket icon. Tap the icon and you'll be able to access Snapchat's Games. Some of the games offer a newer leaderboard feature, where you can compare your score to your friends and keep challenging each other for the top-ranking spot, while others are cooperative games.

1. Bitmoji Tennis

Bitmoji Tennis is a fun sports-themed game. Heck, even if you don't like sports games, it's fun. It's challenging enough to hold your attention and it's oddly satisfying to play.

Moving your character takes a bit of coordination, and you'll need to get the hang of the targeted aim while tilting your phone.


2. Zombie Rescue Squad

For those in love with apocalyptic themes and battling zombies in video games, this Snapchat zombie game will make for a fun addition to your routine. In-game, you work with a team of people, walking through a zombie-infested landscape, trying to defend the land and yourself. There are power-up items and healing potions throughout to help keep you in the game.

You can play with your friend, after you've gone into a chatbox and opened the game, by clicking the friend icon next to the chat and selecting "Ring." When the timer is over you have to get back to the chopper in time.


3. Find My Friends

This game offers a leaderboard, so you can see your friends' scores and try to compete for the best spot. Reminiscent of Where's Waldo, Find My Friends on Snapchat is like an interactive search and find game, but you need to scout out the right Bitmoji, down to the pose and the face. Sometimes it's easy as pie to find the Bitmoji you're looking for, but other times the Bitmojis are all flying around, getting obstructed with a spinner, and a lot more difficult to locate.


4. Slide The Shakes

Slide The Shakes is easy to get the feel for and it's hard to stop playing. Upon the start of the game, you'll see your friend's Bitmoji sitting at the end of a diner counter. There's a shake in front of the screen and the objective is to slide it down to your friend, getting it to stop within the green portion of the counter. Click the shake, and the meter will indicate how hard or soft the shake will slide.


You can keep going as long as you don't overshoot a shake off of the counter, which will end your game.

5. Bitmoji Party

In Bitmoji Party, you compete with friends in different mini-games. You can play with up to 7 of your friends, and if none are available, you'll play with other Snapchatters online. A "Game Master" will be randomly selected. The games range from a pool party, a Zombie Escape, a football drill-inspired game, and more. The games aren't too difficult, but what makes it challenging is competing against up to 7 other people. It's fun to venture through the games, earn coins, and see who's the best at which game.


6. Subway Surfers Airtime

This game is a fun way to pass the time. First, you select your character and if you'd like to play a quick game or with friends. Then, you'll get to soar through a track on a skateboard. The goal is to collect as many coins as possible, and it'll make you feel like you're back singing "Sk8er Boi" by Avril Lavigne.


7. Ready Chef Go!

If you've always liked time management games where you're working to serve customers food fast, like the OG Diner Dash, Snapchat's Ready Chef Go! is the perfect pick for you. You'll be in charge of cooking food and preparing it for guests, as well as serving them the food. You can compare your scores with friends on the leaderboard and unlock new restaurants the longer you play.


8. Color Galaxy

Released to Snapchat in February, Color Galaxy is a game created by developer Gismart in partnership with Snapchat. The game is a real-time multiplayer game that lets you compete against your friends in a fun racing-style game. The game uses your Bitmoji, but you get to choose the type of car or animal you want to race with.

Drive around the map and try to close your own loop of color. You'll need to try to venture around half of the map, while racing against your opponents.

Snapchat/Gismart Games

The rest of the games on this list are accessible directly from the Snapchat Camera. These are Snapchat's AR selfie games, or "Snappables," which often disappear and reappear on a rotating basis, with new options coming up often. The following are accurate as of publication, though you may not always see them listed in your AR selfie games section. To find them, open the Snapchat Camera, but instead of going to the right on the slider for filters, go left for games.

9. Smart Rush

A general-knowledge trivia game, Smart Rush features a fun board game layout and tiki markers that travel across the board after each question you answer correctly. Race with friends to see who makes it to the finish line first.


10. Closet Skeletons


Kind of like "Never Have I Ever," this game will ask you three questions on a topic that you can share and compare with your friends. The tagline asks, "What secrets are you hiding?," and once you click "Start," you'll see your selfie on a dancing skeleton. Choose one of the two categories shown on your screen. You're asked to share the truth, so it's also a bit reminiscent of sharing secrets with BFFs at sleepovers.

The good news is, there is always a fun game available to play on Snapchat, whether it's one of its games in the game section or a Snappable selfie game. While Snappables tend to rotate, introducing new ones regularly, you can always count on the same games appearing in the Snapchat Games section.