Here are the best Roblox games to play with friends for a chill virtual hangout.

These Roblox Games Make It Easy To Chat & Play During Your Virtual Game Night

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Playing games with your crew is always a fun way to spend a Friday night (or any night), but if you can't all be together IRL, it can get tricky. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to get together virtually, and Roblox is one of the best options to connect with all your besties right on your phone. If you're just getting started in the platform, here are some of the best Roblox games to play with friends for your next virtual game night.

Roblox isn't a new platform — the online gaming service launched in 2006 — but the community has grown since its initial release. As more people are looking for games to play with their friends during quarantine, Roblox definitely is a new go-to option. To start playing for free, you can download the app for iOS or Android, or play it using the computer platform. Those with an Xbox One console can also play Roblox from there. Once you've downloaded or logged on, you'll need to create an account. From there, you can customize your avatar if you'd like and start playing. The games are free to play, but there is an in-platform currency called Robux that you can purchase to use for in-game items or avatar upgrades.

Before scheduling a game night, though, make sure you and your friends create an account and add each other to your friend's list. That way, it'll be a lot easier to start. Then start a game and your friends can join your game by heading to your profile and selecting "Join Game." Make sure you (and your friends) have the join in-game settings enabled.

To move your character around in Roblox games, you'll either hold and drag the left side of your screen on your phone or use computer controls if you're using the desktop platform. What's cool about these games is most of them are like an old school chat-based game (hello, Club Penguin) where you can hang out with your BFFs, without the pressure of the game being too serious.

1. Brookhaven

If you're a fan of role-playing games, "Brookhaven" on Roblox lets you hang out with your friends, own cool houses and cars, and explore the city.

2. Backpacking


"Backpacking" is a camping game that lets you explore nature, go kayaking, and more with friends in the virtual great outdoors.

3. Theme Park Tycoon 2

Roblox's "Theme Park Tycoon 2" lets you create your very own theme park using the typical tycoon-style game format. Create a park together with your friends to soar to success.

4. Natural Disaster Survival

A fun survival-themed game on Roblox is Natural Disaster Survival, which you can play with up to 30 friends at once to band together to fight the elements.

5. Islands

Islands on Roblox may remind gaming fans a bit of Stardew Valley. In the game, you can play with up to 15 players to build an island, create farms, forage, and sell items.

6. Driving Simulator

This Roblox game lets you race against your friends in a large open world-style setup.

7. The Neighborhood of Robloxia

The Neighborhood of Robloxia is a simulation game where you can choose a career, decorate your place, chat with other players, and explore the neighborhood and your workplace.

8. Wolves' Life 3

Wolves' Life 3/Roblox

A wackier game option on Roblox, Wolves' Life 3, allows you to play as a wolf, find a pack, chat with friends, find employment, and explore a natural landscape.

9. Miner's Haven

Fans of Minecraft will enjoy playing Miner's Haven on Roblox because it's a similar sandbox-style building game, as well as a strategy tycoon game. The main goal of the game is to grow your capital and build unique items, and you can do it with up to six players.

10. House Tycoon

House Tycoon lets you design houses with friends and you can also host house parties in your masterpiece. You can customize everything from the home's exterior to the interior.

11. Piggy

You and your friends can play a survival horror game if that's your jam, and a popular choice of Roblox is called Piggy. Basically, the aim of the game for most players is to solve the puzzle and avoid getting caught by Piggy. One player will have the goal of tracking down the other players as the titular pig.

12. MeepCity


In MeepCity, you can venture throughout the town, chat with friends, play mini-games together, earn coins to purchase things, and customize an estate.

There are plenty of other games on Roblox, so explore the platform to find your favorite virtual game night option.