This Smoothie Bowl Shop Stole The Show At Coachella & It'll Up Your Insta Game

by Ciara Johnson

Fro-yo had its moment, but now it's all about the smoothie bowl. A quick scroll down your Instagram feed is bound to leave your mouth watering, thanks to the sight of this refreshing snack. Smoothie bowls are essentially a thick frozen fruit blend packed with nutrients, grains, and superfoods. They're extremely healthy and refreshing. Once you try a smoothie bowl, you're forever hooked. It doesn't hurt that smoothie bowls happen to be picture-perfect for the 'Gram, too. All you need is the perfect lighting, and you're set to have your next Instagram picture. Here are the best places for smoothie bowls to up your Insta game.

We all know that Instagram has its trends, and we're here for them. At one point, you couldn't scroll down your feed without seeing millennial pink treats and pastel macarons. I can't lie, this was my first purchase when I finally made it to Paris, and I support the fad. Currently, smoothie bowls are having their moment in the spotlight and we're all about it. Who can say no to a healthy snack that's just as pretty as it tastes? Do yourself a favor and add these six smoothie bowl places to your bucket list.

Haleiwa Bowls In Honolulu, Hawaii
pandaliciouss14 on Twitter

There's no shortage of Instagram-worthy food options in Hawaii. Located in the North Shore of Oahu, Haleiwa Bowls has racked up nearly 60,000 followers for its Instagrammable smoothie bowls. Haleiwa sells a variety of organic smoothie bowls with fresh ingredients. For that extra health boost, you can add botanical supplements like maca powder and spirulina. It even sells branded T-shirts for its biggest fans.

Ubatuba Bowls In Los Angeles, California
oanagregory on Twitter

This smoothie bowl shop pays tribute to the birthplace of the açai berry by serving authentic Brazilian smoothie bowls. Ubatuba Bowls is a smoothie bowl chain based in sunny Los Angeles, California. Its delicious Brazilian açai bowls will certainly hit the spot. An Ubatuba bowl will help you refuel after a yoga class or hike at Runyon Canyon.

Cafe Organic In Bali
jodileelaverty on Twitter

Bali is known best for gorgeous beaches, vibrant culture, sacred temples, stunning villas, and all things Insta-worthy. Thanks to its bright bowls and boho decor, Cafe Organic is crushing the Instagram game with 100,00 followers. The "garden gangstas" sell an assortment of mouthwatering smoothie bowls and healthy foods in real coconut shells. You can kick back and relax in a hammock while you replenish after those long days soaking up the sunshine in Bali.

Raw Love In Tulum, Mexico
marcoregil on Twitter

Tulum is known for its beautiful beaches, ancient ruins, and boho vibes. You'll have no problem doin' it for the 'Gram in this scenic beach town. Just steps away from the beach, Raw Love serves a variety of delicious smoothie bowls. Everything on the menu is packed with nutritional value and so much love. You can lounge in the sand with a smoothie bowl in hand.

Bare Naked Bowls In Sydney, Australia
itspapijesse on Twitter

Bare Naked Bowls is a superfood cafe known for its nutritious smoothie bowls. This cafe prides itself on using fresh ingredients paired with the latest superfoods. Bare Naked has an extensive list of açai bowls, smoothie bowls, and "brekky bowls" to choose from. You'll also feel good knowing your purchase supports a local charity that helps orphan children in Tanzania, Cambodia, and Nepal.

Amaze Bowls In Los Angeles, California
shoutjulie on Twitter

Amazebowls stole the show at Coachella this year. A number of celebrities and Insta-famous bloggers photographed the Amaze Smoothie Bowl at the exclusive Revolve Festival. It's clear as to why: The vibrant açai was served in cute little coconut bowls.

Amaze Bowls has several locations around Los Angeles, including a hip food truck. This smoothie bowl shop is all about keepin' it fresh with a dope menu and BYOB (build your own bowl) option.

When it comes to smoothie bowls, the options are endless. It's never too late to jump on the bandwagon.