This Millennial Pink Cafe Has The Most Gorgeous Cappuccinos & Will Up Your Insta Aesthetic

by Ciara Johnson

A cup of coffee makes for the perfect start to your day. Seriously, how else would we get through commuting and early morning meetings? Give us a charming cafe to sit in while we sip on that coffee, and we're golden. Cafes around the world are havens for coffee lovers to unite over caffeine, books, art, assignments, writing, or simply relaxation. They're perfect for meeting up with friends or spending quiet time away from the hustle and bustle. So, it's no surprise that cafes are stepping up their aesthetic to provide unforgettable experiences to customers. The most Instagrammable cafes around the world will make you want to book a flight ASAP.

Our surroundings can make a major difference in our mood and productivity. So, when it comes to drinking coffee, why waste any of your time chilling in a bland cafe? Aside from beautifully designed spaces making our Instagram feed look spectacular, they also make us feel good. When we're traveling, it's also necessary to sit back and take everything in. A cafe is the perfect place to people watch, enjoy a city's coffee culture, and reflect on your new experiences. If you land in any of these countries, you're seriously going to want to scope out these IG-worthy cafes.

Unicorn Cafe In Bangkok, Thailand
TheSmartLocalSG on YouTube

Unicorn lovers will want to book a flight to Bangkok to visit this colorful cafe ASAP. Unicorn Cafe is a pastel-colored cafe filled with unicorns. You'll eat cotton-candy colored cakes, waffles, noodles, and shakes while adorable stuffed unicorns sit by your side. This cafe is seriously fit for a princess, and you really need to check it out.

Cafe Organic In Bali, Indonesia
jodileelaverty on Twitter

Have you ever just wanted that IG-worthy shot of an acai bowl? Head to Cafe Organic in Bali for food that is just as picture-perfect as it is refreshing. As if Bali isn't already gorgeous enough, you'll be able to hang out in this serene space filled with hammocks and patterned pillows. Based on the cafe's 'Gram, it looks like they're big supporters of that Instagram aesthetic life, so you can be certain your acai coconut bowl will be ready for its close-up.

Alfred Coffee In California
alfredcoffee on Twitter

"But first, coffee." If you live by this mantra, then Alfred Coffee is your kind of cafe. You'll see this slogan as soon as you walk into this beautiful coffee shop. You'll also see it on your Instagram-worthy coffee cup. The neon signage, graphic-printed cups, flower wallpaper, and perfect lighting are enough to get any Instagrammer to grab a cup of joe inside this coffee shop.

Raw Love In Tulum, Mexico
marcoregil on Twitter

It seems like all of the restaurants and hotels in Tulum were made for Instagram, and this healthy cafe is no exception. Raw Love is an incredibly chic outdoor cafe located on the sandy shores of Tulum, Mexico.

After a day of riding your bicycle around town, you'll want to refuel at this raw vegan spot. You can chill in the colorful hammocks or wooden log seats on-site. The laid-back atmosphere of Raw Love is perfect for enjoying (and photographing) your acai bowl in peace.

Peggy Porschen In London
nadiasohawon on Twitter

Peggy Porschen is basically heaven for anyone who has a sweet tooth. The millennial pink exterior is only the icing on the cake. This London cafe features ombre-colored cakes and pretty, decorated cappuccinos that will make your mouth instantly water. Whether you purchase freshly baked goods on a daily basis or order treats to go for a special event, you can't leave without getting a photo in front of this beautiful cafe. It's honestly Instagram goals.

These days, cafes come in so many different styles. Order a cup, grab a seat, and get your camera ready for these Instagram-worthy cafes around the world.