Midnight Brunch Is A Thing & Here Are The Most Delicious Spots In The U.S.

by Ciara Johnson

I think we can all agree brunch is the most important meal of the day. The breakfast and lunch combo is seen as a staple meal for millennials throughout the United States. The question isn't if you should do brunch this upcoming weekend with your girlfriends, but rather where and when it's taking place. Will you order eggs Benedict or chicken and waffles? Decisions, decisions. Of course, toasting mimosas is a given if you're 21 and up. And if your crew is feeling like embracing the brunch vibes Friday or Saturday night after you hit up your favorite bar scene, I've rounded up the best midnight brunch places to consider.

I'm a firm believer that brunch should be available around the clock, don't you agree? I'm down to chill in cute restaurants and fill up on delicious breakfast foods any time of the day. Thankfully, there is no shortage of restaurants offering the ultimate brunch experience. Some places bring in DJs to keep the good vibes flowing, and other places even have themes. When it comes to brunch, "go big or go home" is clearly the motto, and I am more than here for it. Many girls prefer to show up dolled up in their favorite outfit, because you can't do brunch without snapping some cute pics for the 'Gram. If you don't Instagram or Snapchat your your meal, did you even brunch? Be sure to bring your best brunch captions along, and you're set for a delicious adventure.

5 & Diner In Arizona
weslie_swift on Twitter

You'll feel like you've been transported back in time as soon as you step into this cool diner in Phoenix. 5 & Diner's '50s theme includes circular barstools, big red booths, and a jukebox to stream all of your favorite tunes. The venue serves savory and sweet plates all day long, so bring your appetite. According to its website, the restaurant has turned into somewhat of a Phoenix landmark. Check it out with your besties, ASAP.

Kerbey Lane In Austin, Texas
kerbeylanecafe on Twitter

Kerbey Lane Cafe is an awesome brunch destination for girls' night, with multiple locations throughout Austin. According to its website, customers have enjoyed the food at this spot ever since the '80s, and it's your turn to check it out for yourself.

The majority of its locations offer a 24-hour menu that serves up everything from chilaquiles to French toast. They even offer vegan and gluten-free options to cater to customers with dietary restrictions. Kerbey Lane Cafe's hearty brunch plates will definitely leave you with a full stomach.

Original Hotcake House In Portland, Oregon
stevenshomler on Twitter

According to its website, The Original Hotcake House is known as "Portland's best breakfast." This restaurant serves a full breakfast and lunch menu all day, every day. You can opt for meat omelets, homemade pancakes, or a classic hamburger. One thing's for sure, you definitely have to give the thick-sliced hash browns a try.

11th Street Diner In Miami, Florida
jackijwood on Twitter

This retro-style diner in Miami is exactly what you need to add to your bucket list. 11th Street Diner in Miami serves "classic diner comfort food with a twist." You'll feel like you took a step back in time as you enter this railroad-style dining car. You and your BFFs can order a full stack of pancakes with a spiked milkshake to share (if you're 21 and up) that'll look awesome on the 'Gram.

Kitchen 24 In Los Angeles, California
k24hollywood on Twitter

This Los Angeles breakfast spot lives up to its name. Its goal is to serve delicious food with high-quality ingredients. It also prides itself on creating a fun and welcoming atmosphere for all guests to enjoy. Kitchen 24's breakfast items can be paired with a delicious sandwich or burger. Be sure to visit on a Saturday if you're up for some late-night mimosas.

Brunch isn't only reserved for Sunday afternoons. Hit up these 24-hour restaurants for yummy brunch fare that lasts all day long.